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Daily activities that come easily to many Canadians may be extremely difficult for others due to persistent pain. Deep Relief provides chronic pain sufferers with fast, long-lasting pain relief.

Daily activities that many Canadians take for granted may be significantly limited for others by something unseen to the naked eye: persistent pain. One in five Canadians live with chronic pain, with half saying they’ve been suffering for more than ten years.1

Chronic pain differs from the acute pain that we feel when we get injured. It typically persists for more than six months, and for those suffering from it, can have debilitating effects on everyday life and mental health. Most chronic pain conditions are caused by an accident, sports injury or an underlying health condition. Though it can present itself in many ways, the most common types of chronic pain include nerve pain, arthritis pain and joint pain. 

Deep Relief® to the rescue

Thankfully, effective treatments exist to alleviate the burden of pain. Deep Relief provides chronic pain sufferers with fast, long-lasting pain relief. Its topical formulas are made with effective active ingredients that penetrate quickly into the skin. 

Each Deep Relief product is targeted to relieve a specific type of pain. Deep Relief® Menthacin® combines menthol and capsaicin in a unique cream-based formula, for fast relief of arthritis pain. Capsaicin (derived from chili peppers) reduces the feeling of pain over time, and menthol provides a soothing effect upon skin contact. 

Menthol is also a key ingredient in the Deep Relief® Joint Pain Relief gel. Deep Relief® Joint Pain Relief is an ultra-strength formula with 3% menthol that works on contact and helps reduce inflammation like ice. 

Endorsed by The Canadian Chiropractic Association, Deep Relief is a leader in heat and ice treatment. With effective formulas creating a sensation that overrides pain signals to the brain; the cold products create a cold sensation, and the heating products stimulate blood circulation and produce a warming sensation that relaxes muscles.

Deep Relief has a wide portfolio of hot and cold products across rubs, patches and sprays that all help with pain relief, including the NEW LIDOCAINE by Deep Relief® to numb away pain or discomfort. With max strength (4% Lidocaine – numbing medication), this is an over the counter topical gel available in Canada. 

Topical products like these are an innovative, safe, and effective treatment option that provide fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief on contact. Unlike oral treatments that travel through the entire body before treating the painful area, Deep Relief products are applied directly to your source of pain for fast relief. Pain sufferers should talk to their health care professional about whether they can combine topical treatments with other medications.  

Please read product labelling prior to use.
Deep Relief® products are licensed by Health Canada.
Consult with a Healthcare Professional if you are unsure which product is right for you.

1 The prevalence of chronic pain in Canada

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