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Will Robertson

CEO, Sonic Technology Products

It’s estimated that 10% of Canadians live with some form of hearing loss. This is a significant social and health issue, as people with hearing loss can experience social isolation, mental degeneration, and depression. For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, there aren’t a lot of options, which is why the SuperEar® — a personal sound amplifier — can be the perfect introduction to hearing instruments.

“A lot of people don’t need a hearing aid, but they still need some form of assistance and that’s where our device can help,” says Will Robertson, CEO of Sonic Technology Products. “Think of the SuperEar® as reading glasses for your ears. Not everyone with vision loss needs expensive prescription glasses; in the same way, not everyone with hearing loss needs expensive hearing aids. Our device is affordable, accessible, and easy to use.”

There aren’t a lot of options, which is why the SuperEar® can be the perfect introduction to hearing instruments.

Improving health outcomes

It’s for these reasons that the SuperEar® has been used by prominent hospital systems for years. By giving a personal sound amplifier to patients who report some hearing loss, hospitals are able to dramatically improve their quality of care. Use of the SuperEar® in healthcare settings improves a wide variety of outcomes, including decreased re-admission because patients are finally able to properly hear the instructions of their care team.

“Hearing loss is a significant health issue that often goes overlooked,” says Robertson. “Personal sound amplifiers can help address this and improve one’s overall quality of life.”

Three signs you or someone you know may benefit from a personal sound amplifier

1. You suspect that you have mild to moderate hearing loss.

Many people don’t know they have hearing loss, because it happens slowly. You may begin to realize you’re missing parts of conversations or find yourself turning the TV or stereo up to hear it. Sometimes it’s family and friends who notice that something isn’t right with your hearing. Just as we can lose our sight with age, so too do we lose our hearing.

2. You’re not sure you’re ready for an expensive hearing aid.

Hearing aids require a visit to a doctor and can cost thousands of dollars. They can also feel intrusive, as they’re placed in your ears. A personal sound amplifier, by contrast, doesn’t have the look of a hearing aid. You can use headphones or discrete ear buds.

3. You like simple solutions.

This is the best first step, because personal sound amplifiers are easy to use, affordable, and easily accessible. They’re like reading glasses for your ears. You can easily try them to see if they help your hearing, without paying for something more complex.

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