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Many men feel uncomfortable seeking help for urinary symptoms, but there are lifestyle adjustments that can improve your quality of life.

As many as 3.3 million1 Canadians experience some type of urinary incontinence and studies show this includes about 12% of men.2 In men over the age 70, 90%3 have urinary symptoms linked to an enlarged prostate.

Urinary incontinence can affect a man’s physical, social and emotional well-being. Men with urinary symptoms are susceptible to rashes, pressure sores and urinary tract infections. They may experience a loss of independence and feelings of shame4 and be less likely to engage in social activities. Despite its high prevalence, men often feel embarrassed to discuss urinary incontinence, even with their doctor so they endure bladder leakage and its associated effects alone.

Seek help to find out options to improve your daily life

“For men dealing with incontinence, I would recommend talking to your doctor. You’d be surprised how a couple of lifestyle adjustments or medications might improve things. But we understand that most of our male customers aren’t comfortable with that and just want to solve the problem,” says Sean Neville, CEO of Healthwick, an online retailer carrying Canada’s largest selection of incontinence products.

“Know that you’re not alone. Whether it is you or someone you love who is managing incontinence, it’s likely there is a product that will help you maintain a level of normalcy in your daily life.”

Men have many options for managing incontinence. For example, a male guard is a discreet, absorbent pouch, designed specifically for the male anatomy, which fits inside the front of your underwear. These are usually used for light to moderate incontinence. For moderate to heavy incontinence, absorbent underwear immediately soaks up urine and has a waterproof, cloth-like outer shell to stop urine from leaking through. If you require more absorption, such as for nighttime incontinence, adult briefs are similar to absorbent underwear but have sides that open with adjustable tabs to fit your unique shape.

Another solution that is unique for men is an external catheter. Worn like a condom, it collects urine and sends it to a discreet collection bag strapped to your leg under clothing, or to a bedside collection bag.

Providing reliable resources for men seeking urinary health information

Neville says Healthwick knows men will often keep their incontinence to themselves. “We’ve talked to many male customers, nurses and caregivers over the years and they all say it’s a deeply personal thing,” he says. “Sometimes there are feelings of vulnerability and shame. ‘Why can’t I control this?’ or ‘Look, I just want to solve this problem without answering any questions.’”

Neville says these feelings mean that men are more likely to do their own research about their urinary health rather than seek outside help. Because of this, Healthwick provides resources and educational materials on its website to ensure that men can find reliable information.

Having access to this information, and to an online retailer, can help men make decisions as to what is right for them. Healthwick has the largest selection of incontinence products in Canada and the largest sample program. “Try samples in the privacy of your home and reach out by phone, online chat or email,” says Neville. “Our team will always be respectful in answering questions and once you figure out what you would like, we’ll ship it to your door. A simple, discreet and complete solution.”

2 Shaw, C., Cahill, J. and Wagg, A. The current state of continence in Canada: a population representative epidemiological survey. Canadian Journal of Urology. 2020l 27(4):10300-10305

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