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Fashion Dis host Ardra Shephard

Ardra Shephard

Creator & Host, Fashion Dis

Melissa Fashion Dis


Participant, Fashion Dis

Despite promising steps taken to include members of the disability community in all facets of society, fashion continues to be largely inaccessible. AMI’s Fashion Dis aims to change that.

Available for streaming on AMI.ca and the AMI-tv App, Fashion Dis is a game-changer in the makeover space, challenging traditional norms that lack inclusion. Each of the first six Season 1 episodes of Fashion Dis celebrates the head-to-toe overhaul of a frustrated style seeker discouraged by an industry that lacks adaptive options.

From innovative clothing design to transformative beauty techniques, Fashion Dis’ expert team reveals the latest in fashion-forward thinking and shows those ready to rock their best body exactly how to do it.

Fashion Dis is the creation of host Ardra Shephard. A member of the multiple sclerosis community, Ardra was frustrated at the lack of fashionable clothing options when she had to dispense with her beloved high heels in favour of a mobility device when getting around became a challenge.


“It’s exciting to be part of something that’s never been done before,” Ardra Shephard says. “I want the disabled style-seekers who watch Fashion Dis to feel seen, to feel elevated. I hope this show challenges what people think about disability. And in our own little way, I think Fashion Dis can be culture changing.”

Through Fashion Dis, Ardra and fashion experts Izzy Camilleri (clothing), Bella Strange (makeup), Susan Shipley (hair), Melonie Lawrence (stylist) and KC Armstrong (photography) show members of the disability community how they can get a look to die for. Each episode begins with a participant having a one-on-one with Ardra, where they discuss the frustration they face with fashion, whether it’s pants that don’t hang correctly on a wheelchair user, makeup brushes that are awkward to use for someone with limited hand use, or shoes that don’t fit over a prosthetic. Then it’s on to hair, makeup and clothing fittings where adaptive options are offered and advice given on how to achieve a drop-dead look every day. The episode concludes with a professional photo shoot and reveal.

Aside from entertainment and education, Fashion Dis celebrates partner companies offering products that are accessible, while being fashion-forward, and encourages businesses to address members of society who are under-represented in this space.

Fashion Dis is the latest new program to air on AMI, a not-for-profit media company that establishes and supports a voice for Canadians with disabilities, representing their interests, concerns and values through accessible media, reflection and portrayal. Stream episodes on AMI.ca or on the AMI-tv App.

Learn more about AMI, its programming and where it can be found at AMI.ca, on Facebook (@AccessibleMediaInc), Twitter (@AccessibleMedia) and Instagram (@accessiblemediainc).

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