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Top Trends in Kids’ Nutrition and How to Serve Them up at Home

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Chloe Cheng

Registered Dietitian, Wholesome Kids Catering

Brain boosting foods

The brain controls many functions, including our thoughts, emotions, movement, breathing, speech and regulation of our organs. To do this, it needs a constant supply of fuel from the foods we eat. This means that what is in those foods can make all the difference.


Eating foods with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants nourishes the brain and enhances cognitive development and overall brain health in children.

Some common foods associated with supporting brain health in children include fatty fish, eggs, leafy greens and berries. “While no single food is a magic solution, including an array of nutrient-dense foods is the best approach,” says Chloe Cheng, a Registered Dietitian with Wholesome Kids Catering, which serves nutritious hot meals and snacks to child care centres and schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

Eating nutritious foods nurtures children’s minds and bodies allowing them to get a head start on the day and their lives.

Chloe Cheng, Registered Dietitian

Wholesome Kids encourages giving kids the nourishment and energy they need to eat, grow and thrive. With that in mind, here are six other top trends in kids’ nutrition.

Gut health

Parents are increasingly recognizing the crucial role that the gut plays in their child’s overall well-being, including digestion, immune function and nutrient absorption.

TIP: Cheng recommends offering children a variety of fibre-rich foods and foods that naturally contain probiotics and prebiotics along with water and hydration to foster a healthy gut.

Reduced sugar intake

Excessive sugar intake can have a negative impact on children’s health.

TIP: Fresh or frozen fruits are beneficial sweet treats, while homemade smoothies or fruit-infused water can replace sugary drinks. Fruits provide natural sweetness along with fibre and other essential nutrients.

Allergen awareness

The increasing occurrence of childhood food allergies has prompted schools and childcare facilities to implement measures aimed at creating a safe and inclusive environment.

TIP: Parents can educate children about food allergies to empower them to advocate for their own safety and cultivate empathy for their peers’ dietary needs.

Plant-based and flexitarian diets

These diets have gained popularity driven by health, environmental, and ethical reasons.

TIP: Cheng recommends gradually introducing plant-based options alongside familiar foods or incorporating plant-based ingredients into your child’s favourite dishes. Be sure the diet is balanced and adequate to support the needs of growing bodies.

Multicultural foods

In today’s diverse and interconnected society, the inclusion of multicultural cuisines into child nutrition is gaining momentum.

TIP: “Theme meal nights are a fantastic way to explore different cuisines and introduce children to a diverse range of foods from around the world. This widens their palate and promotes cultural awareness,” Cheng says.

Nutrition education

Parents, educators and health professionals are placing more emphasis on nutrition education for children.

TIP: Family mealtimes offer opportunities for parents to model healthy eating habits and teach children about food and nutrition in an engaging and informative way, which can leave a lasting impact on children’s dietary habits.

Starting healthy eating habits early ensures children get the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy, develop strong bones and teeth, maintain a healthy weight, boost mental health and prevent chronic disease.

Wholesome Kids Catering encourages giving kids the nourishment and energy they need to Eat, Grow and Thrive.  Hungry for more great tips, recipes, and trends on child nutrition? Follow Wholesome Kids Catering on Instagram @wholesome_kids and join the nourishment journey.

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