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Each year, Canadians throw away nearly three million tons of plastic waste, only nine percent of which is recycled. Most of the plastic we toss out ends up in landfills, and about 29,000 tons end up in our natural environment. The Government of Canada recently announced a comprehensive plan to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. Here are five easy ways you and your family can be part of the solution.

Ditch the Plastic

Stasher reusable silicone bags are an amazing alternative to plastic bags and containers. They’re great for optimizing freezer space, they last forever (unlike single-use plastic bags), and they’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Bonus: you can encourage healthy snacking by having kids make their own trail mix of nuts and dried fruits every day.

Enjoy Guilt-Free Takeout

eating meal together

Some nights we pull off Michelin star-worthy meals and some nights all we can do is tap and order — and that’s okay. Now you can do takeout sustainably. For example, Canadian startup Suppli allows you to order takeout in stainless steel containers with silicone lids. You can order your favourite meals through popular delivery platforms like Uber Eats, and only pay a 99-cent usage fee. Simply leave your containers at a local drop-off point when you’re done, and let Suppli take care of the professional cleaning.

Sip Smarter

metal reusable straws

Plastic straws aren’t recyclable or biodegradable, which means they end up in our oceans, on our coastlines, and in our landfills. Glass straws like these GoSip ones from Indigo are a chic option that you can use at home or stick in your purse when you’re on the go. Plus, they come with a pipe brush to keep them clean and a vented compact case. Bring on the morning kale and banana smoothies!

Be a Bag Lady

peaches bag

Forget the plastic bags that most stores provide and instead opt for fun, reusable tote bags. Pro tip: these mesh ones from Toko! are compact enough to tuck into your purse or your kid’s backpack, so you’re never left scrambling. Further, many small businesses create their own canvas tote bags, so your family can support local while being eco-friendly.

Brush Better

colgate toothbrush

Did you know that most toothbrushes can’t be recycled? Most toothbrushes end up in landfills, where they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. To tackle this problem, Colgate is reinventing the manual toothbrush. Colgate Keep has a replaceable head and a reusable aluminum handle, creating 80 percent less plastic waste compared to similarly-sized manual Colgate toothbrushes. Plus, the Keep’s recyclable cardboard packaging is made with 60 percent recycled content. Win-win!

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