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Nigel Richards, Heart to Home Meals

Nigel Richards

President, Heart to Home Meals

Heart to Home Meals makes it safer and easier for seniors to age in place by delivering healthy, diet-appropriate, and pre-cooked meals to their residences.

Aging in place improves seniors’ quality of life, keeps them safe, and allows them to maintain their independence. When aging at home, having access to nutritious food is essential — and Heart to Home Meals makes it easy by delivering healthy and delicious meals, made with the nutritional needs of seniors in mind, right to their homes.

“We believe that life should get easier as you age, not harder,” says Nigel Richards, President of Heart to Home Meals. “And yet, as people advance in age, new challenges can arise that make maintaining an independent lifestyle more difficult.”

Such challenges may include chopping ingredients despite decreased motor skills or hoisting heavy pots and pans across the kitchen to clean. Heart to Homes Meals handles the cooking so seniors can receive deliveries of convenient, nutritious, and delicious meals. “We know that by being made for seniors, we’re playing a part in making living life at home easier,” says Richards. “That’s what gives our team the motivation every day to go out and do what we do.”

For more info, visit Heart To Home Meals or call 1-855-996-9694.

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