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Kelly Muciy

Kelly Muciy

Co-Founder, Zyderma

When understanding a skin issue like acne, it’s necessary to investigate the root of the problem. Scientific research and discovery pertaining to our body’s microbiome demonstrates an individual should consider the balance of the skin’s microbiome — a naturally comprised community of microbes.

The skin’s main function is to serve as a protective barrier from potential harm from foreign organisms and toxic substances. Skincare brand Zyderma® takes a forward-thinking, eco-scientific approach to daily skincare.

Rather than replace the body’s mechanisms, products should support and strengthen our skin’s biome or microflora. This is a more responsible approach to skincare than relying on conventional products with harsh ingredients that strip healthy organisms that our skin needs to maintain a healthy and balanced appearance.

Zyderma®’s Clarifying Cream is formulated with micronized silver. Not to be confused with colloidal silver, this powdered form of high-grade silver has a large particle size that cannot penetrate skin tissue. It is a medical-grade ingredient that is currently used by the medical industry for wound healing.

Co-founder Kelly Muciy shares, “When the moisture on our skin interacts with the micronized silver particles, they produce a continuous supply of positively charged ions, which bind to bacteria and deactivate their ability to feed and reproduce. Unlike other silvers, micronized silver does not absorb into the skin and continuously works on the skin’s surface until washed off. Transient pathogenic organisms are prevented from colonizing on the surface while preserving native microflora within the epidermis that are essential for a healthy appearance. This is a game-changer for people who naturally have an excess of skin straining bacteria upon their skin.”

The dermatologist-tested, lightweight Clarifying Cream can be used for face and body, with devotees using it for everything from makeup primer to aftershave.

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