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IMATS Make-up Artists Lead the Way to Healthy Skin

Model getting her makeup done by a professional artist
Model getting her makeup done by a professional artist

Finding the best make-up artist to work with you during life’s milestones (weddings, family photos, for example) is as personal as finding your signature lipstick shade. The right make-up artist, though, can not only be the difference between a “just OK” photo and one for the books, they can also be your key to confidence and healthy skin.

Keep these three benefits in mind when deciding whether to work with a make-up artist:

  1. A make-up artist can recommend a skincare routine that’s best suited for you. For every stage of your life and skin’s needs, the make-up artist will share a wealth of knowledge about best brands and practices. Bonus: A great skincare regimen helps your make-up products last longer!
  2. By working up close with you, make-up artists are often the first to notice skin damage that should be seen by a doctor. For example, in 2013 Hugh Jackman’s make-up artist on X-Men: Days of Future Past in Montreal noticed a spot on his nose and recommended he get it checked by a doctor. That spot was diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma. Jackman had that spot and at least three others removed.
  3. Make-up artists know products! They work with you to recommend make-up for a flawless face. Whether you’re looking for a full airbrushed look or just enough coverage to mask redness and show off freckles, a make-up artist will get you there. They will help you walk with confidence.

To meet expert make-up artists and shop professional skincare and make-up products, visit the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show — IMATS — from Sept. 28–29 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building, Exhibit Hall C). The expert advice and top products you need are a click away.

Cori Stoddard is Managing Editor of Make-Up Artist Magazine.

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