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Support Your Immune System as Cold and Flu Season Approaches

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Taking a proactive approach to health means having the vitamins and minerals required to help fight off viruses, adding supplements as needed1

With the arrival of colder weather, Canadians start thinking about the upcoming cold and flu season. Medical experts are now predicting a perfect storm where instances of COVID, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all happening at once2.

Each year, 5 to 10 per cent of Canadian adults and 20 to 30 per cent of children are infected with influenza, typically in the late fall and winter3.

Vitamins and minerals support overall health

The data underscores the importance of having an immune system that is in tip-top shape to stay healthy, especially during cold and flu season.  

While proper nutrition plays a key role in helping to support your immunity, few Canadians get all the vitamins and minerals they require through diet alone4. It could create a nutritional deficit that may compromise our ability to fight off viruses that cause colds and flu. To bridge the gap, many people turn to help from vitamin and mineral supplements, like the lineup of powders and gummies offered by Emergen-C. 

Formulated with vitamin C, zinc, B vitamins, electrolytes and more, Emergen-C offers a variety of formats and flavours to support one’s immune system and overall good health. Consider the vitamin C in Emergen-C Immune+ alone. To get 1000 mg, you would have to eat 10 oranges to match that amount. Once daily, just mix the powdered contents of the package with four to six ounces (120mL to 180mL) of water and stir. Drink with food a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products. 

Smart choices to support your immune system

Emergen-C Immune+ powders may help reduce the duration and severity of colds when taken regularly. They may also help prevent colds in those undergoing physical stress. It’s wise with anything you consume to always read and follow the directions provided on the label. Emergen-C should also be taken with food. For use of Emergen-C powders beyond six months, consult a healthcare practitioner for advice.

Also consider Emergen-C Immune+ Gummies, available in two natural fruit flavours — Super Orange and Elderberry. They’re vegetarian and gluten-free. Take three of the chewable vitamin and mineral supplements daily to help maintain immune function and overall good health. No water needed. They’re ideal for busy individuals and families on the go. 

For cold and flu season, a strong immune system is your best defence. Being proactive and taking preventative measures before you’re exposed to the viruses that can make you sick is a smart strategy. Experts recommend adopting these habits year-round: healthy diet, get adequate sleep and regular exercise, manage stress, avoid smoking, and limit alcohol intake5

And, as the weather grows colder, consider vitamin C products, such as Emergen-C. These measures will help ensure you’re getting all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to support and maintain your immune system.  

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