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Q&A with Jenelle Nicole Smit – A Hamilton Lifestyle Mommy Influencer

Mediaplanet chatted with Jenelle Smit about her mom life balance, parenthood journey, and more.

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What are some of the biggest challenges you face in achieving work-life balance as a parent?

One of the biggest challenges is the struggle with finding personal time and the need to reassure yourself that it is perfectly acceptable to prioritize self-care without feeling mom guilt.

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What strategies or techniques have you found effective in maintaining your well-being and avoiding burnout?
  1. Finding time for yourself
  2. Not being afraid to ask for help
  3. Creating a supportive circle with other moms
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What advice would you give to other working parents who may be struggling to find a balance between their professional and personal lives?

Some advice that I would give is to set boundaries. Set aside that for work-related tasks as well as quality time with your family. This could be setting aside time slots for work/family or cutting off all work when you leave the office to focus on your family. What’s great now is that many jobs offer flexible working hours, remote work or even part-time schedules that might help to balance everything out.

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Can you share your personal journey to parenthood and what it means to you?

For me it was finding the right time and when I knew I was ready to make a lifestyle change. The things that were important to me when I was younger such as staying out late were no longer appealing. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and was so excited to start the journey. As challenging as parenting can be between sleepless nights and trying to balance everything from work life to home life it’s one of the most rewarding.

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What support systems or resources did you find helpful during your transition to parenthood?

Throughout both pregnancies and after I found connecting with other moms through the apps I was using was super helpful. There were forums where you could go and find advice or simply read other moms’ stories. I found this helpful as it reassured me so many times that I wasn’t alone in many of the struggles I was facing. My favourite app was the What to Expect App. Another great resource I find is attending the EarlyOn Centres. It gets you out of the house and connecting with other moms.

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What advice would you give to individuals or couples who are considering starting a family?

Have open conversations with each other. Talk about what your expectations are from your partner and what theirs are as well. Talk about things such as parenting styles, division of responsibilities and any goals to help you both be on the same page. It can also be hard to adapt to the changes that becoming a parent brings such as changes in lifestyle and routine. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.

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How has sharing your parenthood journey on social media or through your work impacted your own growth and connection with others?

Through sharing my parenting journey through social media, I’ve met some other amazing moms who I now connect with on a daily basis. We go to each other for advice and support on just about anything and I truly believe that they help me sane when things get rough. It’s important to find other moms/parents that you can connect with who will be honest with you about their struggles too because parenting is not an easy task.

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