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Inclusive Family Planning Is Here Thanks to Canada Cryobank

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Discover Canada Cryobank’s commitment to inclusivity with diverse, Health-Canada compliant donor options for at-home insemination and family planning.

For many Canadians, deciding to have a child will be the most important decision they ever make. For those with fertility concerns or who need help to conceive, that decision can become even more complicated and emotionally fraught. That’s where Canada Cryobank comes in. The company’s goal is to redefine possibilities for parenthood with a focus on ease and inclusivity.

As a donor sperm and donor egg bank, Canada Cryobank works with international banks to increase diversity in available donor options for Canadians. That’s because the company is genuinely committed to expanding its selection by sourcing from more ethnically diverse sperm banks from around the world. This ensures that every family, including those from the LGBTQIA+ community, has the chance to conceive.

Making in-home insemination accessible

Another way in which Canada Cryobank stands out is in its efforts to make at-home insemination more accessible. At-home insemination is when semen or sperm is deposited into the vagina without sexual intercourse, often without the assistance of a medical professional. Health Canada compliant frozen donor sperm (tested according to Health Canada Safety Regulations for infectious and inherited genetic diseases) ships directly to your home in a specialized tank for in-home use. This process can be a meaningful and cost-saving option for those using donor sperm and seeking privacy and comfort in their own homes. 

For individuals in good health with no underlying fertility concerns there’s evidence that at-home insemination can be as successful as undergoing intracervical insemination (ICI) or intrauterine insemination (IUI) in a clinic under medical supervision. Note that for at-home insemination, Canada Cryobank recommends discussing your donor options and overall pregnancy fitness with your physician.

No matter what option you decide to use for your pregnancy, Canada Cryobank can assist you. Discover how Canada Cryobank can help you create the family you’ve always dreamed of.  

Find Your Donor in 3 Easy Steps

View Canada-compliant donors from multiple banks in Canada Cryobank’s online catalogue. Easily filter your donor choices by selecting the features that are most important to you.

Submit your order online at Place your order at least one month in advance of your planned procedure.

Your order request will be confirmed by email, based on donor availability, verification of details, and completion of required forms prior to scheduling shipment.

To start your journey toward parenthood with confidence and support, visit today.

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