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New Kids’ Sun Safety Program Launched by Save Your Skin Foundation

Discover ‘Shining a Light’ – Essential Sun Safety Resources for Children and Caregivers

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers, and although it is largely preventable, it is one of the only cancers with incidence rates on the rise. Based on current rates, one in 73 Canadian women will develop melanoma during their lifetime while one in 59 Canadian men will develop the disease. One way to combat this is to instill sun-safe habits in our children early on. It’s for this reason that Save Your Skin Foundation (SYSF) created the Shining a Light initiative.

The initiative consists of printed, colourful resources and an engaging video to both grab the attention of and educate our little ones, whether it be at school, summer camp or daycare. Developed alongside dermatologists and dermatology students, the Shining a Light program includes two children’s books which will be read at libraries, daycares, and other locations all over the country this summer! 

Save Your Skin Foundation aims to make sure that they are equipped with the proper tools to understand sun protection measures such as applying sunscreen of at least SPF 30, wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves, a wide-rim hat and sunglasses, and staying in the shade during peak sun hours of 11am-3pm.

The idea of the initiative is not to discourage kids from playing outside, it’s for them to understand how to safely be in the sun. Learning this from a young age can help them reduce their own risk of skin cancers and melanomas and in turn, become advocates as they get older.

The resources for Shining a Light are currently available digitally here. All resources were developed alongside the UBC Cancer Awareness Network and were reviewed and approved by a team of dermatologists. To learn more and receive the digital resources, please click here to fill out the intake form.

This initiative is one of several programs Save Your Skin Foundation has been working on this year that fall under their key pillars of policy, education and patient & caregiver support. Earlier this month, SYSF released a decision-making guide that helps newly-diagnosed melanoma and skin cancer patients record and understand their treatment options, specifically as it relates to fertility. They have also distributed sunscreen dispensers in public spaces all over Canada to ensure that Health Canada approved, SPF 30 sunscreen is readily available to everyone.

Save Your Skin Foundation is a national patient led not-for-profit dedicated to leading the fight against melanomas and skin cancers. Save Your Skin Foundation is committed to playing an active role in reducing the incidence of skin cancer in Canada, and to providing compassionate support for all Canadians living with skin cancers.

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