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There Is No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan

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In January 2022, Laura Sofen, a 31-year-old speech-language pathologist and yoga instructor, faced a life-changing moment. Despite regular dermatology visits, Laura’s past tanning habits, including summer tanning and use of tanning beds over the years, put her at risk. She noticed a mole under her right breast getting darker and immediately made an appointment. The diagnosis: melanoma.

“I knew my life would change from that moment on,” Laura recalls. The melanoma was treated with a wide excision, a procedure that was tough both physically and emotionally. With the support of her husband, sister (also a melanoma survivor), and family, Laura got through it. Nearly two years later, she’s dedicated to promoting sun safety and proactive skin health.

“I want others to understand the dangers of tanning beds and UV exposure from the sun,” Laura emphasizes. “Having a tan is not worth the risk of melanoma. We can prevent skin cancer by wearing sunscreen, UPF clothing, sunglasses, and hats, and by limiting our time in the sun.”

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Melanoma Canada: Your Partner in Skin Health

Receiving a melanoma or skin cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help! Melanoma Canada offers free support and resources to patients, families, and caregivers at every stage of their journey. From support groups and cancer coaching to educational publications and videos, Melanoma Canada empowers individuals to take charge of their skin health.

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Inspired by stories like Laura’s, Melanoma Canada is committed to promoting sun safety and early detection. As part of this commitment, Melanoma Canada is bringing the Mole Mobile, presented by Neutrogena®, a Kenvue brand, to remote, Indigenous and underserved communities along with major cities across British Columbia and Quebec between May and September this year. These innovative units educate Canadians about sun safety, skin cancer prevention, and the risks of UV exposure. Visitors receive a skin health care package and digital resources to help manage their skin health all year round.

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Taking Care of The Skin We’re In

There is no such thing as a healthy tan, as 85% of melanomas are caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun or artificial sources like tanning beds.

Over 91,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma and skin cancer each year. The survival rate for melanoma is high if detected early and unlike other cancers, melanoma is often clearly visible on the skin. In fact, 75% of melanomas are detected by patients themselves.

Check your skin monthly, practice sun safety, and educate yourself on the risks associated with skin cancer.

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Together, we can drive progress towards a world with zero melanoma and skin cancer related deaths.

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