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Torri Webster’s Guide to Simple and Effective Hair and Skincare

Torri Webster shares her hair and skincare journey, emphasizing simple, sustainable routines and the importance of self-care rituals.

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Can you share your personal hair & skin journey?

My hair and skin journey has always centered on self-care and making choices that make me feel like my best and most confident self! When it comes to my skincare routine, simple and sustainable has always been the best. I like a routine that I can stick to and that works for my sensitive skin. I also stick with my favorite tried and true products (for example, my Fresh Soy Face Cleanser) and add extra self-care moments where I can! I love masks, gua sha, and scheduling in my monthly facials! When it comes to my hair care journey, I love embracing my life as a (faux) blonde! I am a natural brunette, so I work hard to keep my blonde fresh and healthy. Luckily, I can trust my hair team with my life – Jason Lee has been doing my color for over a decade now, and much like my skincare routine, I stay loyal to what works best for me!

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Hair care is an essential part of overall self-care, yet it’s often overlooked. What are some key hair care practices you follow to maintain the health and vitality of your hair?

There is nothing I love more than the Sous La Face  RRR™ Scalp treatment. This is the most relaxing, revitalizing scalp massage and treatment I have ever had! It includes washing the hair, adding healing oils to the scalp, steaming the scalp, lymphatic drainage, and a wonderful massage to the head and scalp. This is an essential part of my self-care hair care routine! Not only is it super relaxing, but there are such awesome health benefits.

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Skincare and hair care often go hand in hand, as both involve nurturing and protecting delicate tissues. How do you incorporate skincare practices into your daily routine to maintain healthy skin and hair?

Everyone is different, but I treat my skin and hair care routines like self-care rituals! I love pampering myself with morning and night cleanses, moisturizers, and masks. As for hair, I don’t wash it every day (to avoid drying it out), but when I do, I love doing a double cleanse, conditioner, and hair masks to lock in moisture!

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What message do you hope to convey to your followers and others about embracing their unique hair journeys and practicing self-love and acceptance?

I hope to encourage everyone to see their hair and skincare routine as an extension of self-care and confidence-building! Go bold and try new hairstyles, or try adding something fun and trendy to your skincare routine. We don’t need to take our beauty routines so seriously—this type of journey should be explorative and fun! So let your hair down (literally and figuratively) and embrace this kind of self-love! 

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