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Q&A with Toni Olaoye

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How do you change up your summer skincare routine every year? Why is it important to change it up each major season?

It’s important to change our skincare routine each major season because our skin’s needs vary with environmental factors. Summer means increased sun exposure which can lead to sun damage, oiliness and breakouts. I change up my summer skin ritual by prioritizing a high  SPF broad spectrum sunscreen and incorporating light weight products such as oil free moisturizers and serums. Adapting our skincare routine helps us address specific concerns such as increased oiliness and dehydration while maintaining healthy glowing skin throughout the summer. 

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How do you keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful? How do you know what products are right for you?

This is something I’m still figuring out. However, I’ve learned it’s vital to understand your hair type and work from there. For example, I have high porosity hair which means it’s harder for my hair to retain moisture. Therefore,  I focus on moisture retention and repairing damaged cuticles by treating myself to  hydrating and moisturizing deep conditioning treatments regularly.  Additionally,  I pay attention to ingredients like shea butter, protein and glycerin to strengthen and nourish my hair. 

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Why is it important to you for beauty and hair care brands to be inclusive for all skin types, tones and concerns?

It’s essential for beauty and hair care brands to embrace inclusivity because everyone deserves to feel represented and valued. It allows for the creation of products that cater to diverse needs, promotes self-acceptance and confidence, and celebrates the unique beauty of every individual.

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What does it mean for you to love the skin you’re in?

For me, it means cultivating self acceptance and nurturing a positive relationship with my body and skin which is the highest form of self care.

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What advice would you give Canadians who aren’t feeling confident in their skin?

We’ve all had skin concerns so I know it can be a struggle to practice self love and cultivate a positive relationship with our skin when we’re dealing with acne, texture and so on. So I will say this, practice proper skincare: develop a routine and find the right products that work for you and avoid comparison. Everybody’s skin is different and comparing your skin to others’ is counterproductive. Two, seek professional help from a dermatologist or skincare specialist who can offer tailored advice and treatments that work for you.

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