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Want Total Wellness? Start with the Perfect Mattress

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Jeremiah Curvers

CEO, Polysleep

The mattress you sleep on deserves more consideration and investment, as the perfect mattress can optimize your wellness.

In 2015, a double herniated disc in his lower back led Jeremiah Curvers to abruptly become bed-ridden for three months. Restless and uncomfortable, he quickly realized just how important the mattresses that we sleep on truly are. “I became obsessed with my sleeping surface,” he says. “And that’s how Polysleep started.”


Polysleep is a made-in-Canada success story. The company — which Curvers founded and is the CEO of — offers high-quality mattresses with incredible support, unrivalled comfort, and precise motion isolation, along with pillows and accessories — all designed and constructed in Montreal, Que. Polysleep gives Canadians the best sleep experience possible while also going above and beyond to support Canadians in other ways, from educational resources about sleep hygiene and wellness to its inspiring involvement with hundreds of charitable organizations Canada-wide.

The perfect mattress

Post-injury, Curvers tested 22 prototypes before finding the perfect mattress. Today, the company has a line-up of mattresses designed for every type of sleeper, from athletes to those with injuries to seniors, parents, and beyond. Each product has been thoughtfully designed and tested based on customers’ feedback.

People have become really savvy about what they eat and I think the next big step in wellness will be how to improve sleep, because sleep has a direct impact on pretty much everything else.”

“What makes Polysleep unique is, firstly, our approach,” says Curvers. “Most foam mattress brands use a horizontal approach exclusively — they glue slabs of foam with different densities and comfort levels together. We do this, too, but we also use a vertical approach. We’ve developed a unique proprietary support frame that allows us to really improve on comfort. And secondly, we have the best motion isolation in the market. If you have a partner, a pet, or kids and you’re a light sleeper, our mattresses will be a game-changer.”

Unique innovations for a better sleep

Polysleep utilizes innovative technologies to optimize comfort. Unique dual-cooling technology in its high-end Zephyr Mattress keeps hot or temperature-sensitive sleepers cool and comfortable, while the adjustable bed frame on the The Levita allows users to easily change the position or angle of the mattress, ensuring a quality sleep by relieving bodily tension. It also utilizes unique antimicrobial foam to maintain a hygienic, healthy sleep environment.

“We use the same level of antimicrobial foam as in bariatric and hospital beds,” says Curvers. “It’s a treatment that inhibits bacteria, fungi, and dust mites from growing.” Microorganisms often thrive in mattresses thanks to the dark, warm, and moist environment. The antimicrobial foam is great for people with allergies and helps to ensure quality sleep.

Empowering wellness through sleep

At Polysleep, the perfect mattress is just part of the picture. “Our goal is to empower wellness through sleep,” says Curvers. “We try to provide the best sleeping surface, but we go beyond that.”

Buying a new mattress often coincides with life changes — a new baby on the way or a move, for example. As such, changing your mattress is a great opportunity to improve your habits, says Curvers. “Once you’ve changed your mattress, it’s the perfect time to maybe add meditation, or doing more sports, or reading a bedtime story for your kids,” he says. “It’s important to build good habits around that sleeping surface, because those habits are as, if not more important, than the sleeping surface itself.”

Polysleep’s blog, social media, and podcast empower Canadians with the resources they need to adopt healthy sleep habits and prioritize their sleep.

“People have become really savvy about what they eat and I think the next big step in wellness will be how to improve sleep, because sleep has a direct impact on pretty much everything else,” says Curvers.

The Perfect Mattress for Everyone, at Every Stage of Life

No matter your stage of life, Polysleep has the perfect mattress to meet your needs.
Here are some of its customer favourites:

The Baby Mattress

a crib mattress providing a safe sleep for babies 

The Wedge Pillow

perfect for keeping pregnant women comfortable

The Polycouch 

a unique foldable mattress that’s comfortable, stylish, and price-competitive (step aside, IKEA!), perfect for students and dorms

The Levita 

 ideal for couples and seniors, with an adjustable bed frame and massage-giving capability 

The Origin Mattress 

Polysleep’s best-seller, the perfect balance between comfort and durability 

The Zephyr Mattress

the most cooling and recovering mattress, perfect for athletes, those with chronic injuries, and people who are more sensitive toward heat and temperatures changes (such as women going through menopause)

The Polysleep Pillow 

cruelty-free and customizable for utmost comfort 

The Sierra Mattress

a value foam mattress for price-sensitive shoppers

Achieve wellness through sleep. Take Polysleep’s mattress quiz at

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