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Supporting a Strong Immune System

Two people happy to be running outside in the winter
Two people happy to be running outside in the winter

It’s during cold and flu season that our immune system is really put to the test. To pass it, it’s essential we take care of our immune system year-round. Creating the right environment for your immune system to thrive is not an easy task. While our body has the natural capacity to defend itself, sometimes it needs our help. Luckily, help is available in the form of evidence-based care products as they work year-round to keep your immune system in fighting shape. 

Working together with a pharmacist who understands the nature of your immune system and how to keep it strong with the help of evidence-based care products is the best way to prepare your immune system and be proactive about cold and flu season. Pharmacists are health literacy experts; not just in terms prescription drugs, but also for over-the-counter medications that can help maintain, repair, and boost your immune system to keep nuisances like the common cold at bay.

A portfolio of natural health products that address daily support and symptom relief of cold and flus 

COLD-FX® is the number one pharmacist and doctor recommended natural cold remedy brand in Canada*. A number of studies, including both laboratory experiments and clinical trials, have shown that COLD-FX products, which contain a proprietary, patented, naturally sourced North American ginseng extract with a distinct chemical and biological profile, help reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms. 

Immune health is a daily commitment. For those who want to be proactive against cold and flu, COLD-FX® has a line up of Daily Support products; regular strength, extra strength, and a chewable format in a natural grape or orange flavour. COLD-FX Daily Support has a clinically proven formula. COLD-FX helps reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system.

For those who prefer a natural health product to help relieve their cold and flu symptoms there is COLD-FX® First Signs®. COLD-FX First Signs is your ally that is with you, day and night, to aid you with your cold and flu symptoms as it helps to relieve symptoms of sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever and headache. Available in a Daytime (non-drowsy formula) and a Nighttime (Sleep Aid featuring Melatonin) containing naturally-sourced Andrographis (a South Asian plant), traditionally used to fight colds.

COLD-FX® is there to support you. Life can’t stop for flu season, make the most of you season.

Please be sure to read and follow the label before taking COLD-FX®.  Visit your pharmacist to discuss optimizing immune system health or sign up for the COLD-FX Defence Zone. Members receive expert guidance on immune health and active living, high value coupons and exclusive offers.    

* COLD-FX is Canada’s #1 Pharmacist & Doctor Recommended Natural Cold Remedy Brand. Pharmacy Practice+, Profession Santé and The Medical Post 2016 Survey on OTC Counselling & Recommendations.

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