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Mary Fisher headshot

Mary Fisher

Chair & CEO Colorescience®

Did you know that the best way to prevent skin from aging prematurely is to protect it from environmental aggressors? It’s estimated that 90 percent of skin aging is due to the effects of the sun, but there are also other contributing factors like pollution, blue light, and infrared rays. Pigmented spots, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles can all be caused by exposure to environmental aggressors.

It’s much easier to prevent skin damage than to correct it, so great skin care starts with sun protection — But not all sunscreens are created equal.

Colorescience products
Colorescience products

Expect more from your sunscreen

Some skin care companies have raised the bar when it comes to sun protection. Colorescience® (based in sunny Southern California) is well-known for award-winning mineral makeup and brush-on sun protection. Driven by innovation, it recently incorporated EnviroScreen™ Technology, a proprietary mineral coating that prevents free radical formation, to enhance protection against environmental aggressors.

“We’re proud to continue our revolution to be bold innovation leaders in mineral sun protection by developing new formats and formulas with patented EnviroScreen™ Technology that offer so much more than SPF,” says Mary Fisher, Chair and CEO of Colorescience®. “The best sunscreen is one that you actually want to wear.”

Colorescience® products are made from minerals, enriched with botanicals, peptides, and antioxidants, and free of any harsh chemicals. Fusing skin care and makeup, the products are designed to treat the skin, provide immediate coverage, and protect the skin from further damage. Colorescience® offers a full range of products from foundation to concealers to illuminators, all with its industry-leading mineral technology.

Even Up® Clinical Pigment Perfector® was the company’s first game-changing multi-tasker. It’s formulated to treat hyperpigmentation and immediately colour-correct stubborn brown spots while protecting against future sun damage with SPF 50. The same concept was applied to chronic skin redness with All Calm® Clinical Redness Corrector, which instantly neutralizes the appearance of redness and helps soothe and calm sensitive skin while protecting with SPF 50. The popular Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen® SPF 50 remains its hero product. Applied directly on the skin or over makeup, it makes it easy to re-apply sun protection throughout the day, every day.

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