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With the right tools, you can learn to understand your body’s language and to be your own healer.

We often think of healing as something that only doctors, naturopaths, and other practitioners can do, but healing begins with you. In fact, while your health care team members are facilitators, all true healing begins inside of you. According to Dr. Manon Bolliger, Naturopathic Medical Physician, if you recognized that your body is smarter than you think, you’d focus more attention on listening to it. 

When we’re in pain, be it emotional or physical pain, our bodies produce signs and symptoms as a way of speaking to us. Think of them as clues waking us up to reconsider our life choices. Sometimes it’s our habits that we need to look at, or relationships, foods, or things in our environment. In 2017, there were almost 58 opioid prescriptions written for every 100 Americans to help reduce and control pain, with over 14,000 leading to an overdose causing death. Can’t we do better? Pharmaceuticals don’t treat the root cause of our issues. They only silence our bodies.

A healer in every household

The first step for those who want to awaken the healer within is to go beyond the traditional ideas surrounding symptoms as an enemy of the body. 

By learning how to listen to our bodies, we can ignite our innate healing power and better manage our triggers, resolve conflicts with others, and truly foster a healer in every household.

Healing is about living a life we love, free of the grips of emotional and physical pain, and allowing the body to release the unconscious memories that it stores in its tissues, such as the fascia.

These memories need to be brought to the surface in order to be released so that we can transform our body back to its optimal state. Reboot® Your Body is a form of touch therapy taught at Bowen College that works through gentle and orchestrated cross fibre manipulations on specific parts of the body. It’s suitable for all ages and can be performed within your own home.

How Reboot® Your Body works

The outcome is lowered stress levels in the body, restored balance, increased blood and lymph flow feeding undernourished tissue, and decreased inflammation and pain. These effects are felt as you take the body out of the fight, flight, or freeze state.

As you learn to listen, you begin to understand the body’s language. Your Body Mind Reboot® gives you the tools to become the author of your own healing destiny. 

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