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Exotic travel encompasses all travel outside of the Western world and North America. It allows seniors to be active and to enjoy connected living, and it comes with some impressive health benefits, including spiritual, psychological, social, and physical.

Craig Travel, a Canadian, family-owned travel company, provides first-class escorted travel adventures (both tours and cruises) to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. With 50 years of expertise and an emphasis on offering the highest quality experience at the best value, the company is a great option for those looking for guided journeys.

Transformative experiences

Why travel to an exotic destination? Experiencing new cultures and ways of life is an enriching way to expand your mind. It can spark the imagination and nourish the soul, providing spiritual and psychological health benefits.

Consider a guided tour of Oberammergau, the German town that’s famous for its nearly 400-year tradition of performing Passion Plays, which reenact the passion of Christ from His entry into Jerusalem to the Resurrection. This exceptional cultural and religious event happens only once every 10 years — including in 2020.

Exotic travel brings people together as they connect and bond over shared experiences. Craig Travel’s journeys are made up of like-minded Canadian travellers, so people can build relationships with ease and expand their social networks.

Guided vacations are also a fun and engaging way to stay active, whether it’s exploring the ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru, riding a camel in Morocco, or going on a safari in East Africa.

Travel is a critical component of healthy aging as it keeps your mind, body, and social connections active. Experience a new exotic destination in 2020 with Craig Travel.

Baby elephants playing

Consider the Benefits of Exotic Travel:

Spiritual and psychological health

Travel is good for the soul. Exploring other countries can improve your mood, reduce stress, and challenge your mind.

Social connection

With all the heavy lifting done for you through guided vacations, you have more time to engage with like-minded Canadian travellers as well as locals.

Physical health

Of course it’s up to you how active you want to be, but travel is an opportunity to take extra steps, go an extra mile, and push your limits.

Images courtesy of: Group Escort Janet Williams – Morocco Desert Walk, Group Escort Jon Gurr – East Africa Elephant Orphanage

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