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Wampole’s liquid vitamins and supplements help children and adults alike get what they need for optimal health.

It’s vital that individuals at every stage of life get enough vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, including eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein, is important for getting all of the necessary nutrients, but it isn’t always enough. With busy schedules and the trend of mass production, easy food solutions aren’t always the healthiest. Supplements are there to provide extra support. Incorporating a liquid multivitamin supplement is an easy and fun way to help you be proactive about your diet and wellness.

A liquid solution to a hard problem

For many, daily pill-popping can be a deterrent from taking vitamins, due to fear of choking or unpleasant taste. Thankfully, there are options available that allow people to avoid pills and still get their nutrients. Enter liquid vitamins and supplements, which are easy to swallow and can even be mixed into water or juice when appropriate. The body can also quickly absorb the nutrients in liquid supplements, while it must break apart a capsule or tablet to get to the nutrients. This can decrease the efficiency of vitamin absorption and limit bioavailability, which is the portion of the nutrients that are taken up by the body and available for use.

Wampole, 1st Canadian established supplements company, offers a variety of liquids for all ages. Each dose of Wampole’s liquid multivitamin for adults contains 12 different vitamins, helping to maintain good health and the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients. In addition, Wampole’s liquid melatonin allows fast absorption to ensure a high-quality, fast sleep. Liquid supplements offer accessible solutions for all Canadians.

Liquid multivitamins for the whole family

Along with the many different adult-friendly liquid supplements, such as Wampole Multivitamins Liquid, Wampole Liquid Tonic, and Wampole Liquid Melatonin, parents can now trust that their children are receiving adequate nutrients with Wampole’s Adorable brand. A liquid supplement like the Adorable Multivitamin Liquid, Adorable Liquid Calcium, and Adorable Vitamin D Dropscan help parents of picky eaters ensure that their children are meeting their nutritional needs.

Babies and young children often miss out on the benefits of supplements because they can’t swallow a pill or chew a gummy, emphasizing the importance of liquid formulas. Additionally, liquid formulas serve as the only option since pills, chews, or gummies aren’t accepted by Health Canada for children under the age of three years old. Wampole’s Adorable brand’s easy-to-dose and easy-to-swallow choices eliminate the risk of low absorption associated with pills. Liquid supplements are also a fun, easy way to integrate into our kids’ daily routines and offer a delicious taste.

Long-standing quality and innovation

Wampole has eliminated the inconvenience of pills and created complex liquid formulas to help maintain good health. Wampole created its first liquid supplement back in 1893, and to this day continues to offer natural health solutions for the whole family. Wampole is building on its history through innovation, creating superior-quality products that meet the highest manufacturing industry and quality control standards. Distributed in pharmacies, all products are approved by Health Canada.

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