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Liz Kwitman

Liz Kwitman

Vice President of Education for the Americas, Caudalie

A top-rated beauty line is building better industry standards by offering sustainable, natural products that are highly effective.

French brand Caudalie is a leading entity in the clean beauty industry — all of its face and skin care products are made up of at least 95 percent natural ingredients. “We take a natural approach to product formulation, packaging, and beyond,” says Liz Kwitman, Vice President of Education for the Americas at Caudalie. “Committed to environmental sustainability, we’re members of 1% for the Planet and are nearing our 2023 goal of planting 10 million trees.”

All Caudalie product packaging is either constructed from recyclables or ethically sourced FSC-certified paper or wood. Plus, Caudalie’s products go unmatched in effectiveness — the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is its number one product worldwide, treating all forms of dark spots including sunspots, acne scarring, melasma, and more. It’s 62 times more effective than vitamin C, and clients see a 63 percent improvement after just one bottle.

The Skin We're In - Caudalie - Des

Science-backed skin care — the Vinoperfect Collection

The serum is part of Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Collection, which also includes two moisturizers, a glycolic mask, and an essence to combat dark spots and improve skin brightening. Entirely vegan and safe on sensitive skin, the collection’s products are biologically engineered to work together, rejuvenating skin cells at the molecular level.

What truly sets the collection apart is the use of Viniferine. This melanin regulator comes from grapevine sap and is scientifically proven to reduce and prevent the look of dark spots and make skin radiant.

Caudalie’s inception is rooted in scientific research and clinical studies — the company continues to conduct formulaic research in its own laboratory while also partnering with world-renowned researchers and institutions such as Harvard Medical School.

“Caudalie has brought Bordeaux to Toronto via its Hazelton boutique,” says Kwitman. At the boutique, clients can purchase products and book Caudalie’s world-renowned facials and body treatments — including the Vinoperfect Radiance Treatment.

The treatment you deserve

“Similar to what you put in your body, what you put on your skin contributes to body and hormone regulation,” adds Kwitman. “Skincare impacts your overall health.”

The Skin We're In - Caudalie - Des
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