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These products will help provide the blueprint to build a skin care routine for your lifestyle.

Our skin can be one of our most emotional pain points. Whether it’s due to the changing seasons or aging, skin changes over time — which means building a healthy relationship with your skin isn’t always easy.

Skin is a direct reflection of one’s physical health, but it also says a lot about mental and emotional health. We’re all familiar with the concept of self-care. While some elements of self-care may be external in practice — like skin care — the real appeal of self-care lies in how it makes you feel. The better we feel on the outside, the more confident we feel on the inside.

Finding a way to start that cycle can be tough. Dedicating time to skin care is one of the easiest ways to grow and develop lasting confidence. A proper skin care routine will not only help manage various skin concerns but the sooner you integrate skin care into your daily routine, the better chance your skin has of staying healthy for longer — in turn, providing lasting self-esteem benefits.

Finding what works for your skin care routine

Skin care isn’t one-size-fits-all. What sometimes makes skin care seem challenging is that everyone’s skin is unique and each person faces their own set of concerns and environmental factors. When you’ve reached your limit with drugstore options, medical skin care lines like PCA SKIN and EltaMD provide more potent, higher-percentage ingredient options to help address a variety of individual skin concerns.

Focused on products that are researched, designed, and executed by an in-house PhD chemist, PCA SKIN prides itself on medical-grade products that address all skin types and concerns, using new ingredients to amplify the benefits of tried-and-true components. It helps you to build and stick to a routine that won’t just work for you but will help you feel more confident. PCA SKIN comes directly from a professional, giving you the chance to consult with someone knowledgeable, rather than just choosing from the shelf.

The key to healthy skin is no secret

No routine is complete without the world’s — thankfully — worst-kept secret to lasting skin: sun protection. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a timely reminder to everyone that while the sun may feel great, it can be incredibly damaging for the skin. With an ever-present risk of melanoma, it’s important to find a sun product that will work for your entire body year-round. And yes, while the connection between summer and sunscreen is obvious, during harsh Canadian winters sun protection is just as important, because it serves as a barrier and aids in hydration. It’s safe to say that proper skin care will greatly assist your skin health for the rest of your life.

EltaMD is the number one dermatologist-recommended professional sunscreen brand in America, and unlike other sun care products, it feels good on your skin. Not everyone has the same relationship with the sun, which is why EltaMD provides formulas and products for different lifestyles, preferences, and needs across a variety of skin conditions, tones, and types.

A proper skin care routine can feel overwhelming, but PCA SKIN and EltaMD make for an easy starting point. This summer, it’s not just about finding your confidence but holding onto it. That journey can start with your skin — just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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