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Skinfix creates clean, clinically proven, dermatologist-tested and recommended products that heal, replenish, and maintain the vital skin barrier.

We may not always think about the role our skin plays as the largest organ in our body — providing an airtight, watertight, and flexible barrier between our internal systems and the outside world.

The skin’s outermost layer is the skin barrier and our body’s first line of immune defence. You can imagine the skin barrier as a brick wall, where the cells are the bricks and the mortar that holds the wall together contains vital lipids such as ceramides, cholesterols, and fatty acids.

“The skin barrier performs the critical function of keeping essential water and electrolytes inside the body while keeping harmful micro-organisms out. The barrier supports the skin’s immunity and helps regulate inflammation,” says Amy Gordinier, Founder and CEO of Skinfix. “But over-exfoliation, cosmetic procedures, dehydration, growing older, and environmental stressors like sun damage and indoor heating and cooling systems can all weaken your skin barrier and make it more vulnerable.”

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Dr. Katie Beleznay, a Canadian and U.S. board-certified cosmetic and medical dermatologist, says signs of a damaged skin barrier can include dehydration, dull and itchy skin, redness, chronic skin irritation, and skin that’s prone to infection and delayed wound healing.

“A damaged skin barrier can also worsen conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and even acne, so it’s important to try and preserve skin barrier health by keeping skin protected and hydrated. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a damaged skin barrier, it’s important to stop using active ingredients that may be irritating the skin and focus on a simple, gentle routine until the skin has time to heal,” says Dr. Beleznay. “A good gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF are the keys at this point.”

skinfix barrier+ triple lipid peptide cream

Providing cutting-edge biotechnology as a leader in skin barrier health

Skinfix started with an eczema healing balm made with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients and natural ingredients created in the 1870s by a British pharmacist named Thomas Dixon. His family continued to make the balm and sell it privately when they immigrated to Canada.

After working in the beauty industry in the U.S. and Europe, Gordinier moved to Halifax and met Dixon’s great-great-granddaughter. “I was captivated by the idea that a natural product could go up against prescription products to treat serious skin issues,” Gordinier says.

Skinfix partners with dermatologists to understand the skin and the root cause and symptoms of skin concerns. It formulates using the latest, cutting-edge technology with a focus on biomimetic actives to deliver the most effective skin barrier health products. As a result, Skinfix can offer powerful, non-irritating products with a combination of patented active ingredients and other emollients, minerals, and nutrients chosen for effectiveness for specific skin concerns.

“I think it’s important to look for products that don’t include common potential irritants like harsh exfoliants, fragrance, and drying alcohols,” says Hyram Yarbro, a content creator and skin care enthusiast. “Focus on products that are formulated for sensitive skin, are deeply nourishing, have rich consistencies, and feature ingredients that calm the skin, like niacinamide, centella, and green tea.”

Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Cream helps replenish ceramides and fatty acids

Skinfix’s Barrier+ Triple Lipid- Peptide Cream, which is currently the leading moisturizer at Sephora Canada, features the patented Triple Lipid Complex™ technology and is proven in a clinical study to help replenish ceramides and fatty acids by 212 percent.1

The Skinfix Barrier+ line with the patented Triple Lipid Complex™ technology improves skin barrier function by 95 percent in one hour while maintaining long-term hydration.2 Skinfix also has product lines that are clinically proven to target specific skin issues, including eczema, keratosis pilaris, and rosacea. Skinfix is certified Clean + Planet Positive at Sephora, which means its products are formulated without specific ingredients known or suspected to be potentially harmful to human health, and the brand is focused on climate commitments, sustainable sourcing, responsible packaging, and environmental giving.

“We formulate for the most sensitive skin, so what we leave out of our products is as important to Skinfix as what we put in,” Gordinier says. “We’re obsessive about healthy skin. People dealing with skin concerns have typically tried a lot of products and spent a lot of money in their search for skin wellness. We take our obligation seriously and do our utmost to improve skin barrier health.”

Amy Gordinier headshot

Amy Gordinier

Founder & CEO, Skinfix

Dr. Katie Beleznay headshot

Dr. Katie Beleznay

Canadian & U.S. Board-Certified Dermatologist

Hyram Yarbro headshot

Hyram Yarbro

Content Creator & Skin Care Enthusiast

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1 Based on a 28-day clinically-controlled study on 27 volunteers, used as part of the Barrier+ 3-step regimen

2 Based on a 1-hour clinical study on a key formula component on 15 subjects

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