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Winter Skin

Is Your Skin Dehydrated? Give Your Skin Some Love This Winter

A picture of a woman using lotion on her legs_Dove
A picture of a woman using lotion on her legs_Dove

Dove’s new Body Love Collection offers skin of all types 10x the moisture, improves the skin’s ability to retain hydration, and is good for the planet with 100% recycled bottles.

Canadian winters can be tough on the skin. Below-freezing temperatures, nippy winds, and dry indoor heating can leave us with dry, dull, dehydrated skin. Dry skin can be patchy or flaky in texture, have a dull or red appearance, and cause irritation or itchiness. If your skin is experiencing dryness during the colder months, showering your body with face care ingredients can help maintain the health and youth of your skin.


Specific solutions for supple skin

As temperatures dip in the winter months, so do humidity levels, damaging your skin’s barrier. Using a humidifier in your room at night can make a big difference in curbing the dryness and irritation that comes with cold weather. A humidifier emits moisture (typically via a mist) to get your room to optimal humidity, between 40 to 60 per cent. For an extra boost of hydration, invest in a mini humidifier for your home office desk to keep your skin hydrated even while you’re on Zoom calls. Put a few drops of your favourite scented or aromatherapy essential oil into the water for the ultimate pampering experience.

A picture of a woman in the shower_Dove

Revamp your shower routine

Skin care isn’t just about keeping your face moisturized — it’s also important to care for the rest of your skin. Piping-hot showers and baths can strip skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dryer than before. Plus, most conventional body washes use skin-stripping detergents to cleanse, making dryness worse.

The best body washes should leave your skin feeling clean, nourished, and hydrated after your shower. Dove’s new Body Love collection is made with 100% sulphate-free cleansers and is paraben-free. To deliver maximum nourishment while you shower, each formula is formulated with 10X Moisture Boost Complex*, which is a mix of moisturizers, including Dove’s unique blend and effective ingredients.

Radiance Renew is specifically created for dull, uneven skin. It is formulated with vitamin C and natural exfoliating minerals. With a bright citrus and wild raspberry fragrance, this renewing body wash helps to hydrate and illuminate for glowing skin.

Containing hyaluronic acid and moringa oil, Moisture Boost for dry, dehydrated skin is also formulated with serums to enhance moisture in the skin and fortify its moisture barrier for lasting softness. The rich texture of this cleanser lathers up into a beautifully nourishing foam that will make dry skin feel hydrated and delicately fragranced, with a fresh scent featuring notes of white sage, vanilla, and bamboo.

With Dove body wash, you can transform one of your daily rituals into an act of care and keep your skin hydrated. Not only that but Dove’s new Body Love Collection is a sustainable choice. The Dove Body Love Collection utilizes 100% recycled bottles, while the formulas are PETA-certified cruelty-free. Head to any major retailer to purchase Dove’s new Body Love Collection — your body deserves just as much love as your face.

Dove moisture boost

Layer your skin care

A rich moisturizer is key during the cooler winter months. Look for nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and shea butter for ultimate hydration. But don’t forget to layer in serums and oils as well. A serum is a thin, fast-absorbing liquid that delivers beneficial active ingredients to the skin and is typically used as a base layer. Oils can layer under or over your moisturizer, depending on your preference. And they’re not just for the face! Apply body oils after your shower to lock in moisturize and leave your skin feeling supple and smooth.

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