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Revolutionizing Health Care in Canada — Because We Deserve Better

doctor on tablet
doctor on tablet
adesh vora

Adesh Vora

Founder & CEO, SRx Health Solutions

Canada’s health care system is fragmented, inconvenient, and slow, but one Canadian company has found the path forward to make a difference.

Health care should be accessible to all. It’s one of the principles that we as Canadians hold dear. Unfortunately, while we boast a universal, publicly-funded health care system, it’s alarmingly fragile and lacking in accessibility, convenience, and modernity.

One’s health is the greatest wealth, and Canadians deserve better. Fortunately, change is on the horizon.


Addressing a fragile, fragmented system

If you’ve ever had a health concern and then waited months for various tests and to see different specialists, you understand the frustrations of Canada’s health care system.

SRx Health Solutions’ Founder and CEO, Adesh Vora, started SRx to help drive positive change after seeing the system’s shortfalls firsthand working as a pharmacist for over 12 years. SRx Health Solutions is Canada’s leading collaborative network of pharmacists and health care practitioners that offer hand-held care, specialized treatments, and integrated support services to address the challenges of Canada’s fragile and fragmented health care system.

“I’ve always felt that the Canadian health care landscape was lacking in integrated services across all health care professionals: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists, manufacturers, clinics, the reimbursement process, and so on,” says Vora. “With SRx, we’ve integrated seamless solutions to drive better patient outcomes and ultimately improve Canadians’ wellness. This means that trips to the doctor will be reduced, time and energy will be gained, and money will be saved — overall, quality of life is improved through our comprehensive services.”

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Encouraging collaboration

At its heart, SRx is all about making health care simple and accessible. “Recognizing the hurdles that Canadians and practitioners face in the health care space, SRx strives to be a revolutionary vehicle of change,” says Stephanie Nazywalskyj, SRx’s Director of Strategic Communications.

“We approach driving change from results-oriented and innovative angles as we seek to optimize the wellness of Canadians — ranging from prescription drug treatments to support with chronic and complex illnesses, virtual care, preventative health, novel treatments, cutting-edge genetic diagnostics, personalized medicine, and more.”

The network strengthens connections and collaboration. “Instead of leaving health care providers to work isolated within a fragile system, we’ve created comprehensive teams, innovative tech solutions, modern, accessible, and tailored services, and robust follow-ups to improve outcomes for patients,” says Vora.

Facilitating on-demand care

SRx is set to release a new app that will provide on-demand access to quality, crucial and specialized services from the convenience of a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

“Our app was designed to complement our integrated health care model and provide users with access to the benefits of all our specialty pharmaceutical services,” says Nazywalskyj. “Services include virtual care with a variety of health care practitioners, virtual pharmacist consultations, free medication delivery, an educational hub, to name just a few of the features.”

Vora notes that the app will also facilitate personalized medicine, diagnostics, nurse triage, treatment trackers, compliance support, disease monitoring, virtual training, and more as the company seeks to continuously adapt to the needs of Canadians.

“We’re just getting started,” says Vora. “Our team’s vision is to expand services to directly meet Canadians’ needs. We’re passionate about driving positive change in Canadians’ wellness and in a system that needs a major overhaul at every level.”

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