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Linda Suh

Linda Suh

Co-Founder, Cloud B

Patrick Papagouras

Patrick Papagouras

Canada Division Manager, Cloud B

Cloud B has mastered the art of helping children get a good night’s sleep – promoting health and happiness for families everywhere.

As any parent would admit, getting a child to fall asleep isn’t an easy task. With infants needing anywhere from 14-17 hours of sleep, and kids ages 5-12 requiring 9-12 hours,* children spend a lot of time transitioning in and out of bedtime. Plus, if kids aren’t sleeping well, it’s likely that the parents wont either.

While lack of rest for new parents and children is common, there are resources available to help develop a child’s relationship with sleep into a positive one. The most innovative and useful products on the market come from Cloud B.

Founded in 2002, Cloud B will soon be celebrating its 20th year as the top international manufacturer of children’s sleep-aid products. A niche company, they are passionate about helping kids see sleep as a positive experience from an early age.

We’re proud to help parents introduce their kids to a positive association with sleep. It’s a lifelong benefit.

Linda Suh

Cozy, happy, and healthy

Inspired to launch Cloud B after the birth of her first child, Co-Founder and Global Communications and Brand Manager Linda Suh saw the need to help kids smoothly transition from being awake to asleep. “The products are practical and identifiable. We wanted accessories that are going to help reinforce a good sleep routine, and that a child has a good connection to. They create a positive environment.”

Infants and younger children tend to struggle to fall asleep because they’re not totally relaxed. “Our products help sooth children through the senses: sound, touch, and sight. They provide a comforting atmosphere, they feel at ease,” says Cloud B’s Canada Division Manager Patrick Papagouras.

Sound Soother products such as the award-winning Sleep Sheep are plush toys with a purpose: they offer up to eight soothing melodies that are scientifically proven to promote better sleep. With automatic shut-off timers, these safe products create unparalleled comfort – an ideal environment to achieve premium sleep.

Making sleep time enjoyable again

Toddlers and children may not rest well for many reasons, such as fear of the dark, feeling lonely, or struggling to transition to sleep time. Cloud B’s Nightlights are plush toys that help ease a child’s anxiety. “The Twilight Turtle projects eight constellations and is useful for children of all ages,” explains Patrick. “It provides a soothing atmosphere for newborns, comfort for toddlers who may be afraid of the dark, and is educational for older children.”

With miniature on-the-go products too, Cloud B has transformed the way kids associate with sleep all over the world. “Everyone has to sleep but not everyone does it well. If you teach your child from a very early age that sleep is a good thing, they develop a good relationship with it early on,” Linda adds.

“Cloud B is the originator of the sleep-soother category. Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle were the first sleep aid products developed to help children get good sleep” says Linda. “We’re proud to help parents introduce their kids to a positive association with sleep. It’s a lifelong benefit.”

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