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Better Breathing

Better Breathing


The Better Breathing campaign aims to support Canadians with lung diseases and at-risk groups by highlighting solutions for symptom management and access to a better quality of life during this difficult time.

Canadian Basketballer Nik Stauskas and the Fight Against IPF

After experiencing his grandmother’s fight with IPF, Nik made it his mission to raise awareness for the disease.

Better Manage Asthma Flare-Ups This Allergy Season

This summer, Canadians can’t wait to get outdoors, but for many, this means having to deal with allergy and asthma flare-ups.

Health and Wellness Start at Home — with Your Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining optimal air quality at home is essential, and Dyson’s new purifiers make it easy.

Dr. Harold Kim Discusses How Canadians Can Beat Allergy Season

After years of practicing in the clinical immunology field, Dr. Kim shares his expertise on how Canadians can combat this year’s allergy season.

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