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Patient Access and Empowerment

Tablet overlaid with a stethoscope, and illustrations of medical
Tablet overlaid with a stethoscope, and illustrations of medical

As Canadians we have a lot to celebrate: medical treatments and technological innovations are improving patients’ quality of life more than ever. We also, however, have a long way to go until patients across the country have equal access and no longer need to account for cost or policy restrictions.

Patient Access and Empowerment hopes to empower the many Canadians who seek such advancements. Read the campaign for news on modern health care innovations and, ultimately, learn how you can become an active participant in — and advocate for — your own health care.

The Fight for National Canadian Pharmacare Continues

Dr. Eric Hoskins explains how improving access to prescription drugs can improve the health of countless Canadians living with acute and chronic illnesses.

Hope for Rare Patients Seeking Access to Innovative Therapies

Some say we cannot afford to make all the innovative, rare therapies available to every patient who could benefit — but CORD says, “Rare access to all.”

Telemedicine Is the Future of IBD Diagnosis

A pilot project bridges the gap for Crohn’s and colitis patients living in rural communities who need a proper diagnosis and help treating symptoms. The PACE Telemedicine program allows specialists to reach places that have poor access to gastroenterologists.

Specialty Pharmacies Can Help Rare Patients Access Treatment

Canadians with rare diseases face unique challenges. Learn how specialty pharmacies are helping patients navigate access to costly, complex drug therapies.

How Data Integration Can Improve Health Care Outcomes

Cerner talks about the importance of data ownership and breaking down data silos in order to improve the Canadian health care system and patient outcomes.

How Virtual Care Improves Access to Health Care

Canada is one of the most medically advanced nations in the world — yet many Canadians still struggle to access health care when they need it most.

Telepharmacy Keeps an Eye on Remote Access Patients

For remote and rural communities that were previously more difficult to service, telepharmacy care offers a more direct route.

Travel Smart: Prevention Can Save Your Vacation

Preventive measures may be recommended if you’re heading somewhere tropical, including a vaccine that offers some protection against cholera and diarrhea.

How Canadian Orthopaedic Surgical Innovation Is Changing Lives

The result of community support for, and donation to, The Ottawa Hospital has led to orthopaedic innovations to help hundreds of patients — like Adam.

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