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Living with a rare disease can be a challenging and overwhelming time for the estimated 3 million Canadians who are affected. Often the path to the right treatment can feel like an uphill climb, with many patients experiencing barriers in access to care. A specialty pharmacy can play an integral role in their journey by helping them overcome obstacles to treatment and care.

While a traditional pharmacy is suited to providing solutions for a wide range of conditions, a specialty pharmacy focuses on managing chronic, complex illnesses and specialized pharmaceuticals.

Jane Farnham, RPh, VP Strategic Partnerships, External Relations and Advocacy, at BioScript Solutions, provides insight on the role that a specialty pharmacy can play.

Mediaplanet: Why do patients with rare diseases need more support?

Jane Farnham: Their unique conditions often require more in-depth information about their medication. A pharmacy with specialty expertise can provide them with detailed education about their disease, the drug they have been prescribed, and how to manage potential side effects. It’s important that patients work with a pharmacy that can look at their condition from a holistic perspective and coordinate care with their team of health care professionals.

What challenges do those with rare diseases face when trying to access services and medication?

Unfortunately, the path to treatment can be a lengthy process, and medication is often very expensive. A pharmacy focused on specialty care can assist patients through complex processes such as reimbursement navigation — sourcing from public or private coverage or patient support programs.

What services does BioScript Solutions offer?

We help simplify access to specialty care by removing barriers to treatment while providing specialized education customized to the patients’ conditions. Above all, we advocate and partner with patients throughout their entire treatment journey.

If you, or a loved one, has a rare disease, know that there are specialty care options available. Talk to your physician about how a specialty pharmacy can help.

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