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Personalized Medicine

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The Personalized Medicine campaign aims to unite industry leaders to educate the general public on the benefits of personalized medicine by closing knowledge gaps and highlighting its advancement in Canada.

CanPath: Canada’s Population Platform for Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine has tremendous potential to improve patient care by tailoring medical interventions to an individual’s unique genetic makeup and life history.

Introducing Personalized Medicine

When it comes to medicine, one size does not fit all. Treatments and prevention strategies that help some are ineffective for others.

Eliminate the Trial and Error Approach in Finding the Right Medication

Pharmacogenetic testing is changing how medications are prescribed and taking away much of the guesswork, especially for mental health and pain medications. 

Harnessing the Power of AI to Help Patients Live Longer

Pentavere’s DARWEN dramatically accelerates discovery of insights buried in hard-to-access clinical text to help healthcare providers make better treatment decisions

Did You Know That DNA Testing Can Improve Your Health?

With pharmacogenomic testing, pharmacists can help identify the right medication for a patient based on their DNA.

Building Canada’s Life Sciences Industry for the Post-Pandemic Era

By focusing on building companies, building ecosystems, and building talent, we will realize our shared vision of Canadian life sciences leading the world.

Participants Make Trials Possible

Imagine a future where we can tailor disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment to individual patients, based on a deep understanding of their genetic and molecular profile.

Improving Outcomes by Treating Each Cancer as Unique

The future of oncology is going to be developing personalized therapies where you’re treating each unique patient as having a unique cancer.

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