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Personalized Medicine

Harnessing the Power of AI to Help Patients Live Longer

Scientist Pointing at Computer Screen
Scientist Pointing at Computer Screen
Dr. Brezden-Masley

Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley

Medical Director, Cancer Program, Sinai Health

Pentavere’s DARWEN dramatically accelerates discovery of insights buried in hard-to-access clinical text to help healthcare providers make better treatment decisions

Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley says she has seen a revolution in cancer treatment since she began practising in 2004.

For example, researchers can now identify the genetic drivers of certain cancers, allowing health care providers to deliver targeted treatment to a subgroup of patients, rather than a one‐drug‐fits‐all model.

“In non-small cell lung cancer, for example, there are specific drivers and now we have drugs to target these drivers and patients are living years longer with advanced disease,” says Dr. Brezden-Masley, Medical Director of the Cancer Program at Sinai Health in Toronto.

These strides in medicine are coming at the same time as advances in artificial intelligence (AI). And the timing couldn’t be better.

Documents like clinical notes, transcription text, and diagnostic reports all hold crucial information that could give health care providers the best available evidence to make treatment decisions. But a lot of this information is trapped in large, siloed repositories.

Health care technology company Pentavere has a breakthrough AI technology engine called DARWEN™ that rapidly extracts, structures, and analyzes complex clinical documentation to better understand real-world patients.

“A clinical trial may provide information based on 1,000 patients, while real-world evidence can include a much larger group of patients,” Dr. Brezden-Masley says. “Or, if a clinical trial was performed in another country, we can look at real-world evidence to see how effective the treatment has been in Canada. For me, it’s about understanding who these patients are, how they’re treated, and whether that treatment is effective and safe. We can see what improvements we can make. We have a wealth of digital data and Pentavere allows us to efficiently harness the power of that data.”

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