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Personalized Medicine

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Personalized Medicine header

Learn about the true value and applications of personalized medicine, as well as the organizations that are paving the way for a healthier, precise, and data-driven Canadian health care system.

Transforming Health Care: The Personalized Revolution

A growing cohort of health data companies are looking to reshape the way medical data is gathered, handled, and used, and Roche leads the charge.

Improving Health Care with Genomic Data-Sharing

The increasing accessibility and affordability of genomic testing are transforming health care, ushering in a new approach: precision medicine.

Meet the Experts

Introducing Personalized Medicine

Medicine isn’t one size fits all. Treatments can be ineffective for certain people, and the same medicine may cause side effects in only certain patients.

Spearheading Homegrown Precision Medicine Innovation

Oncology has been a highly active and effective proving ground for precision medicine, but it’s also a big challenge; cancer is a very complex disease.

Clinical Trials Are the Key to Furthering Personalized Medicine

Clinical trials are vital to personalized medicine, which allows us to tailor prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases to individual patients.

Personalized Medicine Is Key to Diagnosing Rare Disease

Ontario Genomics leads the application of genomics-based solutions across many sectors, like health care, to improve quality of life for patients.

Pharmacogenomics in Psychiatry: A Brief Overview

Pharmacogenomic medicine uses DNA to determine the best medication for a given patient. From a simple cheek swab, DNA is purified, sequenced, and analyzed.

The Genomics Advantage: Improved Mainstream Healthcare Through Collaboration and Tech

Better collaboration and wider sharing of genomic data could give Canadians more personalized health care.

Toronto Neo Biotech Discovering Patient Solutions with AI

With the vast amounts of biochemical and healthcare data available, Cyclica is focused on designing drugs for patients — not just for proteins.

Eat for Your DNA — A Personalized Approach to Health

A DNA test from dnaPower can help you live according to your genetic makeup, so that you can make better decisions to stay healthy and live longer.

Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment Could Save Lives in Canada and Around the World

Learn how IntelliStem, a Toronto-based biotechnology company, has genetically engineered stem cells — called Super Sentinel Cells — to attack cancer cells.

What Patients Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cell therapies are revolutionizing health care, but patient awareness of which practices are safe and effective is essential.

Prime Time for Real-World Evidence

PMWC, in Jan. 2020, will have exciting sessions that focus on clinical RWE data and that empower the advancement of precision medicine.

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