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Student Health and Wellness

Student Health and Wellness header
Student Health and Wellness header

Beginning a new year at a university or college can be an exciting — but overwhelming — time for students. Student Health and Wellness is here to help you prepare for post-secondary success by helping you learn about important topics such as mental health and wellness, financial preparation, body empowerment, and campus life.

Connecting Students to Resources When They Need Help

Students often find that the pressures of school can be emotionally and mentally trying, so ConnexOntario helps them access resources and support 24/7.

Explore Creative Careers with Torri Webster

We asked Torri Webster, social media influencer and graduate of Ryerson University’s Creative Industries program, about her undergraduate experience.

Protecting Students’ Mental Health at a Time of Transition

The start of the school year means change for every student, and these new circumstances can cause particular concern in the mental health of youths.

Students — Signing Up for AIR MILES Is a No Brainer

Many students try to save money — do you know about the benefits of being an AIR MILES Collector? Here’s how you can get rewards for everyday purchases.

3 Tips to Help Students Manage Their Funds

Jelani Smith, CEO & Founder of the Bay Street Blog, shares tips for students on how to best manage their money during the school year.

Siera Bearchell: From Miss Universe Canada to Body Positive Activist

After becoming a victim of cyberbullying, Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell knew she had to stand up for everyone who wasn’t confident in their skin.

3 Tips for Waking Up to a Better Morning

From essays and extracurriculars to time with friends, students have lots to focus on — and getting a good night’s sleep may be low on their to-do list.

Publicly Available Opioid Overdose Kits Could Save Young Lives

As opioid use and overdose among Canada’s youth rises, it’s important for their peers to know about this freely-available kit to help prevent overdose.

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