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Being a student means taking on new responsibilities. Suddenly you’re juggling assignments, buying your own groceries, and figuring out how to manage your money — which usually means finding creative ways to stretch your budget.

What if you could put something in your back pocket every time you spent on necessities like groceries, drugstore products, and gas? If you sign up for AIR MILES and start collecting Reward Miles, you can. It’s a total no-brainer — it’s free to join, and you’re spending the money anyway. Why not save every time you do?

Best of all, Reward Miles can be redeemed for way more than just plane tickets.

What can you get with AIR MILES Reward Miles?

When you sign up, you’ll choose whether you want to collect “Cash Miles” or “Dream Miles” (or a mix of both).

With Cash Miles, you’ll get cash back to spend on everyday purchases.

“All my friends had it and they used it all the time for groceries and every time they would go to Rexall or LCBO they told me you might as well get one because you’re going to buy that stuff anyways. You might as well collect points!” says Maya, a third-year student.

Meanwhile, Dream Miles can be traded in for products in the extensive AIR MILES merchandise catalog — we’re talking Beats headphones, Apple iPads, trendy home decor products for your dorm, and so much more.  You can also save for plane tickets or awesome travel packages (hello, reading week) through Redtag.ca.

“I’m trying to save as much money as I can, get a big trip and hopefully once I graduate I’ll be able to do that so I still have no idea where I want to go, but I know AIR MILES will help me get there,” says René, a fourth-year student.

Sign up for free and save as you spend

The (completely free) sign-up process couldn’t be simpler. Go to airmiles.ca/quickcard, download the app, and start earning Miles while buying what you normally would. Earn Miles when you do a grocery run at Sobeys or Metro, fill up your tank at Shell, pick up a six-pack at the LCBO, buy paper, pens, or a laptop at Staples, or grab a toothbrush (or relief for your hangover) at Rexall.

When you sign up, make sure to opt into email notifications — you’ll get deals tailored to you, which will help you earn Cash or Dream Miles faster. And for double the rewards, consider one of the two no-fee AIR MILES credit cards. If you shop at an AIR MILES Partner and use your AIR MILES credit card, you’ll cut the time it takes to collect rewards in half.

Prefer to shop online? No problem. You can get Miles at hundreds of online retailers — like Apple, H&M, Sephora, Etsy, and Amazon — through airmilesshops.ca.

With these many options, you’ll be able to collect Miles virtually every time you spend — and thanks to its flexible reward structure, you can redeem Miles for exactly what you’re after, whether that’s cash, merchandise, or travel.

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