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Understanding Infectious Diseases

The Understanding Infectious Diseases campaign aims to empower Canadians to advocate for their personal health and bridge the knowledge gaps between disease awareness, symptom management, and access to services that enhance the quality of life.

New Workshop Trains Influencers to Talk About Vaccines

COVID-19 Resources Canada taps into the knowledge of top experts and new digital tools to help community leaders have difficult conversations around vaccines.

COVID-19 Persists, Despite the Widescale Vaccine Rollout

JN Nova and Biodextris have teamed up to produce a new COVID-19 therapeutic solution.

Enjoy a Safe Return to Travel by Taking These Precautions

After a long pause, international travel is coming back. Here’s how you can enjoy the trip while staying safe.

Often Neglected, TB Is the World’s Biggest Infectious Disease Threat

Tuberculosis is still a health threat in Canada, especially among First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.

Canada Is Losing Ground in Getting to Zero Transmissions of HIV

Canadians’ sexual health should be front and centre, even in a pandemic.

Q&A with Dr. Vivien Brown

Mediaplanet sat down with Dr. Vivien Brown, a Toronto-based family physician, to learn more about ways that Canadians can keep safe this flu season.

Why It’s Important to Keep Up with Routine Vaccinations

Although most adults believe they’ve received all necessary vaccines, they may not actually be up to date. Here’s why keeping up with routine vaccinations is an important part of staying safe.

Inclusive Health Care Is Crucial for this Year’s Flu Season

While Canadians are grappling with increasing COVID-19 cases, many healthcare workers are planning for the impending flu season.

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