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COVID-19 Resources Canada taps into the knowledge of top experts and new digital tools to help community leaders have difficult conversations around vaccines.

Vaccines are a hot topic in Canada. Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone has the facts. To help fill the knowledge gap, COVID-19 Resources Canada (C19) has introduced a free, new 120-minute Vaccine Conversations Online Workshop & Resource Guide. They are focused on teaching Canadians how to talk about vaccines with various groups within their community.

The workshop aims to provide education on the safety and efficacy of vaccines that influencers can share with their peers, communities, families and faith groups. Leading experts will teach them how to navigate difficult conversations with members of the groups they influence.

Digital tools for better health choices

“Everyone’s an influencer, whether you’re the CEO of an organization, the facilitator of a community group, or a faith leader, or the head of your family,” says Dr. Tara Moriarty, infectious diseases researcher at the University of Toronto and co-founder of COVID-19 Resources Canada. “This workshop gives leaders the language and tools they need to have important conversations and help those in their communities make informed decisions.”

COVID-19 Resources Canada began in March 2020 to help facilitate Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is made up primarily of volunteers, including multidisciplinary Canadians with expertise ranging from biomedical research to web development and business analysis. Its goals are to serve as a reliable source of information and expertise for Canadian COVID-19 research.

Get the conversation started. Register for the Vaccine Conversations workshop from COVID-19 Resources Canada online. The organization also continues to host live drop-in Q&A sessions twice a week for individuals with questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

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