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Home » Wellness » Are Your Sleep Habits Giving You Wrinkles?

Kim Renton

Registered Nurse & Co-Founder, enVy™ Pillow

Kathy Young

Registered Nurse & Co-Founder, enVy™ Pillow

The mirror doesn’t lie. Wrinkles are a reality of aging, but there’s plenty in our control to keep them at bay. 

Ten years ago, Kim Renton and Kathy Young, two registered nurses from Toronto, created the enVy Pillow to stop the formation of sleep lines, caused by the pressure of pillows against facial tissue, before they happen. Using their backgrounds in spinal health and anti-aging medicine, they came up with a V-shaped design to tilt the head, and to alleviate pressure from the pillow.

Taking a preventative approach to wrinkles

The enVy™ Pillow

“We educate clients on the need for SPF to prevent premature aging from the sun,” explain Renton and Young. “It’s time we educate our clients on the impact sleeping on your side can have on the formation of sleep wrinkles and the enhancement of facial asymmetry.” 

They also caution against sleepers lying on their stomachs, which is the worst for spine health and wrinkle creation. Instead, they suggest sleeping on your back — the best option — or on your side — the preferred position of 75% of people.

Though many of their customers buy their wellness pillow for its anti-aging properties, they discover that it’s also useful for alleviating back and neck pain. “It presents the best of both worlds,” the inventors note.

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