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It’s a new decade, and it seems everyone is searching for the next best ingredient, product, or procedure that’ll keep us looking forever young. Dr. Jennifer Pearlman is a Toronto-based women’s health and wellness expert specializing in menopause, cosmetic medicine, and skincare. Her practice, PearlMD Rejuvenation, helps empower women to look and live their best. We chatted with Dr. Pearlman about the latest trends and tips for feeling healthy and looking beautiful.

Mediaplanet: What does female empowerment mean to you?

Dr. Jennifer Pearlman: I feel incredibly lucky that through my work, I can empower women every single day to live their best life, and be part of their unique journeys. It’s a challenging time to be  a woman. There are so many roles we play, and so much pressure we put on ourselves to be our best.

Can you describe your approach to anti-aging?

I believe in optimizing health and well-being from the inside out, with treatment for mind, body, and beauty. For the mind, it’s making healthy lifestyle choices that help with emotional well-being, stress reduction, and optimizing memory. When it comes to the body, paying attention to sexual health and hormone balance is vital. And for beauty, it’s all about the importance of maintaining skin health through preventative measures, quality skincare, and cosmetic treatments.

What advice do you have for women to look and feel their best?

Take daily time for yourself. Restore your mind and body through a yoga class, a nature walk, or quality time with friends. Be mindful of what, how, and when you eat. A diet focused on omega 3-rich foods — like fish, colourful vegetables, nuts, and berries — provides key nutrients for health and longevity. Bolster your diet with beauty-enhancing and health-boosting supplements, such as vitamin D3 and activated B complex. Invest in your skin by using sun protection and vitamins that improve the appearance, health, and youthfulness of skin. Consult your physician if you have any questions about adding new supplements to your diet. 

If you could offer one tip on anti-aging that women don’t typically know, what would it be?

Don’t overlook your teeth — a sparkling smile can also help you look and feel younger, and whitening is like anti-aging for your teeth! 

*When brushing twice daily for four weeks. Toothpaste also fights cavities.

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