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Healthy Living: Q&A with Emma Troupe

Emma Troupe
Emma Troupe

Emma Troupe talks about her passion for fitness & nutrition, sharing her daily routines and favourite recipes available on WholeFit.


When did you become passionate about fitness and nutrition?

I became passionate about fitness and nutrition when I was feeling lost with my career path and my own self-motivation in my early 20s. My parents were both dealing with significant health issues of their own and I had some unhealthy lifestyle habits. I was unhappy with how I felt on the inside physically and mentally. This inspired me to start exercising and join a gym, which I fell in love with. After a few years of consistency, I was asked to become a personal trainer for the gym as they could see my love, passion and self-built knowledge for it.

I was also introduced by my grandma (who followed holistic practices of her own) to study Nutrition and Holistic Nutrition in college which heavily spiked my interest. I joined and become certified within the industry! This is where the passion for nutrition and fitness was built. It took me to feel almost at my worst to make a lifestyle change but it what the best change I could’ve made.

I truly hope this inspires someone to get started on your fitness & nutrition journey today.


What wellness practices do you incorporate in your daily routine? 

Exercise. The feeling after a workout is one of the greatest feelings, it’s something I aim to experience every day. Even if it’s just a short walk any type of movement is better than none at all.

Fuelling my body and mind by eating nourishing food. Just like the feeling after a workout, good nutrition can provide a similar sensation. I start my day with a nourishing breakfast as this helps set the right tone for the day and encourages me to make healthy options for the remainder of the day. The recipes on my app WholeFit by Miss Emma Troupe have my favourite staple breakfasts, lunch & dinner, snack & smoothie ideas and so much more!

Taking time for my mental health. When the pandemic hit stress and workload levels increased heavily. Every day I remind myself to take a break and take a moment for my mental health. For me, this looks like getting on a few daily walks with my dog Tila.


What is your best tip when shopping for healthy & nutritious options?

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner, I’ve been shopping for nutritious food for a long time. My best tip is to scan the aisles and produce section and observe the prices! While grocery shopping you can often find some organic fruits and vegetables as the same price as non-organic, or it could vary just by a minimal amount. Most grocery stores have different prices so find a place that suits your budget.

For more grocery shopping advice head to the WholeFit app Nutrition Courses for my Grocery Shopping Tips 2-minute lesson!


What does living a healthy life look like to you?

To me, living a healthy lifestyle looks like a combination of everything I mentioned. Exercising, eating nourishing food and taking time for mental health. Even the small changes we make will help build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Try to find the enjoyment of incorporating healthier habits into your daily routine!

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