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Dana Cantarutti

Dana Cantarutti


If you’ve been meaning to elevate your overall health through joining boutique fitness, now is the time. Dana Cantarutti, CEO of female-founded and led, SPINCO, debunks some of the common myths that may have been holding you back.


After the many closures during the pandemic, what does re-opening mean for the SPINCO community?  

We’re elated – our 27 studios across the country provide a safe and welcoming space to leave it all at the door, work hard and have fun. While exercise at home over the pandemic was possible, SPINCO brings people together in more ways than just fitness. 


What are the benefits of being a part of a group/community like SPINCO?  

SPINCO was created with the goal to ride as One Team, empowering, and uplifting one another. With our 27 studios across the country, we view SPINCO as a modern-day community centre, powering pop-ups from local community partners, spin-it-forward charity rides, community-building events, wellness challenges and more. I watch our space create lifelong friendships and support systems to help you through whichever health and wellness journey you are on!


How is a SPINCO class different from other group fitness classes?   

Not only does our community come together to motivate each other and push ourselves to achieve our personal fitness goals, but we also uplift each other. By including beginner classes, dim and dark lighting to keep the focus on yourself, ensuring no metrics on our bikes, that all classes are coached by feel, and each dial is turned based on how you’re feeling that day – YOU control your fitness goals with support from your teammates. The goal of the class is to leave feeling stronger than you did before, and that’s it.  


What are the mental/holistic health benefits of working out at SPINCO?  

SPINCO is meant to build confidence and prove to yourself that you’re stronger mentally and physically than the limits you self-impose. We are a judge-free zone, here to motivate and support each other through the challenges on and off the bike. Our coaching style promotes a focus on growth, gratitude and resilience mentally, physically and emotionally – our riders are limitless within our four walls. We also remind you to have fun! 

SPINCO Instructors

What would you say to someone who might be nervous to try their first class? 

This is a judgement-free zone: please do not let the myths behind boutique fitness studios hold you back from the potential that they have to change your life for the better!

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