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Navigating Fertility and Motherhood: Danae Mercer’s Candid Journey

Join Danae Mercer as she shares her candid experiences with fertility struggles, pregnancy and motherhood, highlighting the importance of self-love amidst challenges and the role of social media in fostering support and promoting realistic beauty standards.

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Danae, can you tell us about your fertility journey and your journey into motherhood?

This journey certainly has had it’s ups and downs, and been more complicated than I expected. In 2021 I experienced a miscarriage, then was lucky enough to fall pregnant in 2022. My little love was born in 2023. And now, in 2024, I’ve had a chemical pregnancy (a loss that happens before six weeks). So I’m trying to learn more about my egg health, my ovarian reserve (tests show it’s half of what it should be at my age, but the team at Orchid Fertility Clinic aren’t yet too concerned, since I’ve been able to fall pregnant pretty quickly). So it’s all quite a journey! We are going to try again this month, so finger’s crossed.

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In your experience, how has practicing self-love played a role in navigating the emotional rollercoaster of struggling with fertility?

Self love has really helped me stay balanced through fertility’s ups and downs. It can be really delicate when you lose a baby, and you start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you or your body. I’ve definitely leaned strongly into self love to remind myself that my body is doing its best, and deserves respect every day.

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Social media can be both a source of support and a trigger for girls and women. How do you create a positive online space that promotes self-love and self-care?

Social media has actually been a huge blessing when it comes to fertility for me. I have so many women in my DMs and comments sharing their journey, and it helps me feel less alone. Fertility can be so isolating and fragile, and I’m so thankful for the kindness of the women who have reached out.

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How can social media influencers collaborate with sportswear brands like your collaboration with Women’s Best, to challenge traditional beauty standards and promote a more realistic and positive image of health and fitness?

Women’s Best have been so supportive of my message, and that is incredible but also incredibly rare. A lot of brands are still not sure about working with people who show cellulite or wiggles or dimples. So I’m grateful they’ve been so encouraging. I’d recommend any influencers to  reach out to brands they really believe in, and not change who they are for an offer in their inbox.

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