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How a Man’s Lifestyle Choices Can Impact His Sperm Health

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For couples trying to conceive, men can maximize the chances of success by improving their diet, taking supplements, and managing their weight.

Male fertility is declining worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. It estimates that infertility affects one in six couples, and that men make up half of all cases. Traditionally, the focus has been on women and what actions they can take to improve their chance of conception. It’s time to change the conversation.

“Men generally have not had the same kind of attention that women have had over the years,” says Dr. Keith Jarvi, Director of the Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre and Head of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. “It’s time to look at what men can do to optimize fertility.” 

Examining the role of lifestyle behaviours in fertility

Lifestyle choices have a significant impact on male fertility. “These are things you can change, including stopping things which might adversely affect sperm production, like smoking and excessive alcohol use,” says Dr. Jarvi. “Managing stress, exercising, and making dietary modifications will help, too. Those are some of the safe, non-invasive measures you can take at home before you see a doctor.”

It’s time to look at what men can do to optimize fertility.

Dr. Keith Jarvi

A growing body of research has shown that nutrition is an important factor in sperm health. For example, vitamin C deficiency was high among men who were trying to have kids, notes Dr. Jarvi, who is also Director of Research at FlowLabs, Canada’s only OHIP covered male fertility diagnostic laboratory. He and his colleagues did a comprehensive review of all the literature related to supplements, including dosage and types of supplements in combination that would maximize the chances of pregnancy for couples. 

Nutritional supplements proven to support sperm health

Based on the data, Dr. Jarvi and FlowLabs developed FloVita, a natural, daily supplement formulated with ingredients clinically proven to support fertility in men of all ages. “It’s not always possible for a man to get nutrition in the amount needed to enhance sperm through diet alone,” Dr. Jarvi explains. “Taking a supplement is something he can do to help contribute to successful conception.”

Each capsule of FloVita contains essential nutrients like CoQ10 and vitamin E (powerful antioxidants that improve sperm function) and L-carnitine (a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a key role in energy production within cells), along with zinc and folic acid, both of which are integral to semen quality. Available for purchase online, the supplement also features folate, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and selenium. 

Addressing dietary needs isn’t enough on its own for family planning, says Dr. Jarvi. It’s just one component of a bigger picture. “If you can improve general health by doing things like managing weight and stopping smoking, taking nutritional supplements may be part of the package,” he says. “At least you’re taking care of what you can take care of without seeing a doctor. We’ve shown it actually improves fertility rates.”

If couples have not been successful after a year of trying to conceive, he suggests consulting a physician and getting tested.  

To learn more about FloVita and how it can support male fertility, visit and use code TSFL15 for 15% off. Visit their instagram page for more information.

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