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Aside from gum disease and cavities, poor oral health can lead to heart attacks, stroke, complications related to diabetes, and premature birth. Yet many people feel that getting proper dental care is out of their financial reach.

The Tooth Corner, a dental network with 20 offices in Southern Ontario, believes that dental services should be accessible to everyone. Accepting both government and private insurance and offering 0% interest financing to clients, the organization works to ensure that everyone can have a healthy smile.

Here are five of the speciality services patients ask for most:  

Illustration of a tooth and a clipboard

Child dentistry

Kids tend to need more TLC when it comes to mouth care as it’s easy for them to chip or break a tooth in the course of a rambunctious day. While a pediatric dentist will repair or replace a tooth, twice-yearly preventative care is necessary to monitor growth, look for cavities, and assess if braces are required.

Illustration of an open mouth

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers can take care of the many things that make us smile-shy, including tooth colour, spacing, shape, and overall appearance. With a number of options available to modify the way teeth look, there’s no reason why anyone should hide their smile from the world.

Illustration of a shining tooth

Sleep dentistry

For some, going to the dentist is not restricted by finances but by fear, and there’s help for those whose teeth clench tight at the thought. Sedation, or sleep dentistry, is a common practice to help patients relax before and during an appointment. Depending on the client, sedation can be minimal, moderate, or deep — the level can be discussed during a complimentary, initial consultation.

Illustration of a tooth with braces


While many of us want straighter teeth, we might not want the traditional metal bracket-and-wire braces. Invisalign is a clear, innovative technology that can be used for teenage or adult clients who are looking to discretely straighten their teeth.

Illustration of a shield with a tooth on it

Emergency care

Dental emergencies can happen anytime. Fortunately, with a variety of offices across Ontario, a Tooth Corner dentist is always nearby to lend a helping hand to regular patients or first-time clients.

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