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Patient Access

Patient Access

patient access family
patient access family

The Patient Access and Empowerment campaign aims to inform Canadians about the important aspects of their health care system, empowers people to advocate for their own health care, and encourages dialogue between patients and their health care teams.

Leveraging Canada’s COVID-19 Testing Engine to Transform Cancer Prevention

With all the new health care infrastructure the COVID-19 pandemic response has provided, could HPV screening and cervical cancer prevention be the natural next step?

Being Healthy Is a Privilege

Rare diseases invade bodies without invitation. They steal health, hope, and dreams leaving families devastated and overwhelmed.

Revolutionary Imaging Technology Lets Doctors visualize the Whole Heart Like Never Before

Ventripoint Diagnostics’ heart analysis system provides cardiac metrics with an accuracy comparable to MRI with the ease of ultrasound, improving comfort and accessibility for patients.

Find Walk-In Clinic Wait Times with Just a Click to Avoid Long Lines

Medimap aims to make health care more convenient and accessible, allowing patients to find nearby medical appointments quickly and easily.

Raise Your Voice to Make Parkinson’s a Priority in Canada

Parkinson Canada is calling on the newly-elected government to make Parkinson’s a priority – and we need your help.

How e-Prescribing Makes It Easier to Manage Your Health

With so many things to do in a day, it might feel like taking time for a doctor’s visit or taking your prescription to the pharmacy, which can always be done “tomorrow.”

Accelerating Canada’s Rare Disease Drug Strategy, Post-Election

For the past year, the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) has committed itself nonstop to the mission of forging a rare disease drug strategy that works for all Canadians.

Taking Control of Prostate Cancer

When you notice something different about your body — like a new growth or lump, increased fatigue, or dramatic weight loss — it needs to be checked out.

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