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Hearing Health 2019

Together, We Can Hear Better

Young woman in an ear exam
Young woman in an ear exam

As Better Speech and Hearing Month comes to an end, let’s take stock of the hearing health landscape in Canada. Many forms of hearing loss are treatable, preventable, or both, especially if caught early. This is a fact, yet it’s largely ignored by our systems and attitudes. How is it we don’t have a hearing health care strategy in Canada?

We can do better

The Hearing Foundation of Canada believes that medical research and a preventative educational strategy are critical for hearing health in Canada. This isn’t ground-breaking — several other countries have already implemented similar programs. Why do we, as Canadians, behave as though hearing is less important than other health concerns? Glasses are a fashion accessory. You buckle your seatbelt. And yet, there’s reluctance among Canadians to wear a hearing device, even though today’s technologies are more advanced than ever before. Why don’t we take our hearing seriously?

As parents, when our children are diagnosed with hearing issues, we investigate treatment options. As adult children, we nag our aging loved ones to get their hearing checked or to use their hearing aids. But when was the last time you got your own hearing checked?

Our world is noisy. Early intervention and protection are the keys to reducing long-term hearing loss.

So go, get your hearing tested, and join us in our call to the Canadian government for a hearing health care strategy. Better Speech and Hearing Month may be ending, but we can make a new beginning for our hearing.

Mary Smirle is Managing Director of The Hearing Foundation of Canada

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