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The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is proud to be the champion and voice for Canadians who care about cancer. Through their annual Daffodil Campaign each spring, the organization raises funds to help people with cancer live their lives more fully.

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CCS funds groundbreaking research and provides a national support system that makes a real difference for people affected by cancer. This support system helps Canadians from coast to coast manage life with cancer, find community and connection, and build wellness and resilience.

With nearly 1 in 2 Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, all of us are affected in some way. For Bonnie Durling and her husband Ben, they didn’t let cancer define them. Instead, they both set out to live their lives to the fullest.

Their journey began in 2008 when Ben was diagnosed with cancer and stayed at a Canadian Cancer Society Lodge, which serves as an affordable and welcoming place close to cancer centres for those who are required to travel a significant distance for treatment. Given that Bonnie and Ben live in a rural community, they were thankful for the support they received from the Canadian Cancer Society when they stayed at the Lodge.

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After more than a decade, Bonnie thought her journey with cancer was over but in December of 2018, the 49-year-old received her own diagnosis. Bonnie’s oncologist told her that her daily radiation treatments would take place about two hours away from her home. Thankfully, Bonnie knew she could turn to the Canadian Cancer Society for help.

“The Lodge itself is more than just an affordable place to eat and sleep. It’s a home away from home,” Bonnie explains. “When you donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, not only are you contributing to someone’s physical healing but to their mental well-being too.”

Throughout the entire cancer journey, CCS offers a support system for all those touched by cancer. They are the only national charity that supports Canadians with all cancers in communities across the country, regardless of cancer type.

Today, many people diagnosed with cancer are living longer, fuller lives than ever before.

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