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Advancements in Immunotherapy

jonathan bramson
jonathan bramson

Advancements in Immunotherapy aims to showcase leading voices on the huge potential for immunotherapy throughout Canada, with the ultimate goal of creating better patient outcomes.

Recruiting an Army of Immune Cells to Fight and Kill Cancer Cells

A Canadian team of scientists develop the first-of-its-kind multicellular therapy to kill difficult cancers.

Advancing Made-in-Canada Immunotherapies to Benefit Cancer Patients

Innovative treatments, such as made-in-Canada immunotherapies, have promising results for cancer patients.

Carolina Ilkow immunotherapies
Dr. Carolina Ilkow, Scientist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute & BioCanRx Researcher

How IRICoR Is Transforming Research Into New Cancer Therapies

Getting new and promising therapies for cancer patients can take a long time. A Canadian Centre of Excellence is accelerating the process.

Q&A With Dr. Jonathan Bramson

Dr. Jonathan Bramson discusses his current research and the potential of innovative immunotherapy treatments for cancer patients.

CAR T-cell Immunotherapy Plays Important Role in Hard-to-Treat Lymphoma

For people with certain types of lymphoma, there’s hope with access to emerging immunotherapies.

Carepath is Helping Immunotherapy Patients Navigate Their Cancer Journey

As advancements in immunotherapy offer new hope for Canadians diagnosed with cancer, specialized Carepath nurses emerge as vital patient advocates.

TB remains one of the world’s most common infectious diseases worldwide. New technology can diagnose it more efficiently and accurately.

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