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Brain Health

Brain Health

Cartoon of Scientist Looking at a Brain with a Microscope
Cartoon of Scientist Looking at a Brain with a Microscope

Improving the quality of life for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities

Ten to seventeen percent of all children in Canada live with a neurodevelopmental disability such as Autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), or Cerebral Palsy. The majority experience limitations that impact their quality of life.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain is Now More Critical than Ever

Despite its crucial function the brain isn’t fully understood and holds many mysteries. Brain Canada brings together brilliant scientists to unlock them

Research investment is key to maintaining brain health in Canada

Canadian researchers are working diligently in laboratories to better understand how the brain works and develop treatments for neurological conditions

Important Research Is Saving the Lives of People Living with Epilepsy

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is a rare but tragic occurrence. Epilepsy Canada is supporting critical research to reduce risk.

Why Brain Health Matters and What the Azrieli Foundation is Doing About It

The brain is considered the final frontier of medical research. The Azrieli Foundation supports scientists and patients navigating the brain health journey.

Michael Landsberg Goes on the Record About Mental Health

Michael Landsberg, TSN legend and founder of the #SickNotWeak Foundation, opens up about his experience with depression and offers his advice.

Destigmatizing addiction and mental health issues opens the door for getting help

The Canadian Centre for Addictions provides coping strategies to those with addictions, leading to success.

Life After Stroke

More than 62,000 Canadians experience a stroke yearly, and their lives can be changed dramatically, it’s important they get access to the right support.

Reducing Inequity in Dementia Research with the Alzheimer Society of Canada

Dementia affects hundreds of thousands of Canadians, but it’s still a stigmatized and underfunded condition, especially for BIPOC communities.

Non-profit organization supports autistic Canadians and their families through research and advocacy

Taking a multi-faceted approach to help autistic Canadians means providing resources, funding and solutions.

Sharing your MS Diagnosis Can Lead to Brighter Days

MS Society of Canada, provides programs and services, that connect people with MS to a community of people proudly proclaiming their connection to MS.

Daniel Carcillo on Traumatic Brain Injury

Daniel Carcillo, a retired two-time Stanley Cup winner, opens up about his experience with traumatic brain injury.

How the brain-eye connection aims to make memory loss a souvenir

Are you concerned your memory loss may be a sign of something beyond normal aging? Optina’s novel new eye exam is helping physicians answer these questions with confidence.

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